mara hruby

i know i've posted about Mara Hruby before, but she deserves another post. this woman is my current modern style icon. she is incredibly beautiful and is always wearing a clever fusion of classic/vintage/exotic/creative clothing, while rocking amazing hair and killer jewelry. INSPIRATION. she is a Bay Area musician, and you can download her EP for free (and you should) and I follow her on instagram for the outfit-drool factor.  about her music, she says, “My sound/style comes from what I have experienced in life. I feel my sound is organic, distinct, melodic, eclectic, and filled with sensitivity. To say the least, I’d call my music a melodic melting pot.”

in a time where i spend much of my time in leggings or a t-shirt and panties (blessed be this sun-filled luxurious life!!), i have to feed my fashion and textile love through observation more so than practice. now that i live out in the country, my relationship with fashion has changed even further, and my personal style (comfort) dominates over artistic expression. this is not to say that if there is an occasion i don't dress up. i will always dress for an occasion. but in the city, there is the opportunity for constant creation in fashion - each day on the streets is an interactive project in personal style, and it is, in its ancient way, delightful.

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in white light we wander

fun times with shop photography. shawl coming to the shop soon....vintage lingerie staying in my personal collection for always.


first aid kit

wow. i just heard of first aid kit and i am floored. sweetest swedish sister melodies singing to my heart; magic and melting. 

have you heard them yet?

letting go of rightness

Don’t take anything personally. Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. Their point of view and opinion come from all the programming they received growing up. When you take things personally, you feel offended and your reaction is to defend your beliefs and create conflict.
 -Don Miguel Ruiz
 i have been thinking about this, lately - the need to be right. though i have not read The Four Agreements by Ruiz, i read through the outline of it. that is to say, i gleaned what the four agreements are, and left the rest of the book (as it did not inspire me). despite not being drawn to the book and his language, per se, i like the four agreements. i feel that what i am after, if i were to somehow sum it up in a nutshell, is ever-more certainty of my own self, and the continual ability to let go of the things that bind me to tension and negativity. much of this can be accomplished by radical honesty and yes, a profound ability to not take anything personally. 
with the rightness, i wonder how i can create a practice of letting this go. ever since i was a child, "being right" has always been met with such positive reinforcement (isn't this the point? to be right?). ahh, but even if i am right, it doesn't mean i need to tell people about it, to get then to understand my rightness, to go along with it. it is in that vein that i need to make the cut. 
similarly, i have been thinking about the difference between being humble, truly, and acting humble. how is it that we can learn to truly embody in our hearts the traits that we view as holy? is awareness the first step, or is it something else? how do we grow things from seed at this point in our lives? are the seeds there and do they just need to be exposed to the elements? if they are not there, can we still gather them?
i ask these questions mostly in reflective thought. i feel that it is important for me to wonder these things and to learn how to continually evolve. this is the time, this is the moment.
 you are the sky. everything else - it's just the weather. 
-Pema Chodron
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summer love

there are some really cute new things in the shop, and i'm having a summer flash sale (24 hours)...get 30% off (!) with the code summerlove2012. 


vintage matryoshka thermos

if i lived in Russia, perhaps i would find things like this in my thrifting adventures. never in my life had i imagined the possibility of a matryoshka thermos (and oh how dearly i now want one).

(found here, via Melissa Righero).


the road is home

do babies mourn leaving the womb? is this why sometimes we can’t soothe their cries? as we bathe deep in warm water i curl you up over my empty stomach and i cry that it will never be your home again. that i can never again feel your kicks from the inside or give birth to you. i am cursed to constantly mourn over life passing, cursed to try in vain to capture it all (on film, in words, in images) before it slips away clumsily between my fingers like dirt. here i show you my filthy hands, i have marks of these memories, but i will never live them again.

little baby bird with featherless wings, i want you always at my breast, where i know you feel safest. my white blood, my life-light flowing into you. i can’t let go of my breath until i hear you let go of yours. i know your death would be the death of me.

when you lived inside me (first in my dreams, then in my belly) i always thought you’d be us. a little us. but you are not us, you are a person unlike any that has come before you. your eyes are already bright with all the wisdom you will collect, all the lives you will touch, all the happiness you will share. you are strong-willed, unwaivering, a girl of her own thought. we see this in you already, like it is written.



us, kissing on the bus the first week we met (you told me this was your favourite picture of us)

on this day 22 years ago you were born into the world.
there is no simple or easy way to explain just how much i love you. i’ve tried so many times and all i end up doing is crying. the truth is i love you the most any one person can love another. sometimes it feels like more.


I just found out about the amazing words and imagery of Nirrimi Firebrace (via S&C), a photographer who documents her work, love and life on her photoblog The Road is Home. her words are poetic and heartbreaking, rendered all the more magnificent by her photos that go on with it. her stories leave one wanting more. the above photos and words in italics are all hers, from her blog. you must read her about me page, from which i've included an excerpt, below. 


i was thirteen when my obsession for documenting beauty began. in the beginning it was my wild, six-year-old sister in our backyard, the ever-hot summer sun freckling her skin. then it was strangers in the streets, my unassuming youth allowing me to photograph the most honest of moments.

very soon i was filled with angsty teenage passion. drunkenly stumbling suburban streets with a camera in hand and friends mostly chosen for how well they photographed. the camera was a part of myself and i slept with it beside my pillow every night for years.

i obsessively documented life so much that when i reminisce now it is more a collection of images, films and diary entries than true memories.

at fourteen i fell deeply into an agonisingly passionate love with a boy photographer. he was on the other side of the country but we spoke most nights until sunrise. i would skip school to photograph in those days, so inspired and fueled by his own beautiful images and my need to impress him. i never told matt i loved him, but it laced my words so heavily you could taste it if you read them aloud. i thought if only i could have a single kiss i would die happily.

my first paid job was photographing strippers for sleazy ads at age fifteen. here i became unfazed by nudity and began to save for a flight to my feed my infatuation (which later was spent on repairing my camera after it’d been dropped by a drunk boy at a party). i lost all interest in school, ironically failing my photography class but passing everything else. i told my mother how unproductive and uninspired i felt, and she agreed i shouldn’t waste my life any longer. so i dropped out.

very soon after my sixteenth birthday, stirred on by lovesickness, i took my mother’s credit card from her purse in the middle of the night and booked a flight to melbourne (where matt was now living). i flew out the next day and my new life began.


so loving this treasury that features my high-waisted bikini today. popsicle season is in full effect at my house. et vous?

(i cannot take responsibility for the misspelling of popsicle in the treasury title!)

lost boys + lovers harnesses: from the archives

these photos are not new, but i am stacking them here on this blog so that over time, all my harness photos will be in one place. 

four photos courtesy of Nicole, one of my most favorite and long-standing fashion inspirations as well as one of my most favorite and long-standing blogger friends:

siobhan of in her Lost Boys + Lovers harness - photo courtesy of Siobhan Barrett:

Amber from Mermaid Soup styling her harness in more ways than one (photos via Mermaid Soup blog):

my own photos from the archives:

two photos via three sixty ecotique:


and here the birds sing

from my back porch i have a vast view of the sunset, which in these past few months, has been consistently beautiful. often, it is red and fiery (like to photo below), and other days, it settles slowly in a spread of pastels. i have never lived in a house where i can see so much sky. 

here, the birds sing so loudly in the morning that it wakes me up each day; a sure-fire alarm clock right outside my window. though i don't know which species of birds comprise the entire orchestra, i've been able to pick a few out (most notable and my least favorite - the woodpecker); and over time, i notice how they change. one morning i'll be awakened by a birdsong i've never heard before. this whole process, though subtle, has made me much more aware of the constant natural cycle that moves right outside my door. similarly, rather than noticing as i did in previous years that the crickets were now singing, i noticed the very night they started. as i folded laundry in my room with the window open and as the daylight faded, i suddenly heard crickets. the frogs were silent and the crickets had taken their sonic place. just like that. all in a day.

(the second photo above is of some stinging nettles that i'm trying to grow in a pot so that they don't spread wildly near my house. i would say the experiment is not a huge success, though i have made a few cups of tea so far).


something in the way she moves

yesterday, the ever-luminous Laura wore her Lost Boys + Lovers fringe bag in an outfit post, along with some beautiful jewelry from her own line,  Roots & Feathers

with all of the bohemian fashion circulating around, Laura's style is one of my favorites because it is so heart-felt. her authenticity is a big part of her business and her blog, and it really makes it all more beautiful.