1970s books and art

i've been amassing a pretty sweet collection of 1970s books lately, thanks mostly to my mom and then also to the thrift store. such a consistent aesthetic (of awesomeness) to this particular era. i will let the pictures do the talking.


  1. i have a few children's books from that era, and hayden loves them. :)

  2. I have 'hope for the flowers', too! And, of course, 'native funk and flash' is one of my all time faves.
    Sorry i missed you all up in nc the other evening. Hope you had a lovely time.

  3. my mama used to read "hope for the flowers" to me! also, "funk and flash" is my new band name, i decided!

  4. groovy :)
    i have some vintage books with great graphics - they're just so good looking!
    i'm not sure about that crocheted cape though ... might be a bit much!

  5. I have "hope for the flowers" too. Holy shit these are awesme! I love love love 70s books. Your momma rocks.

  6. LOVE native funk and flash!! Oh, and that first image is hilarious! they look like they didnt know they were getting their picture taken (although the graphics are amaze.)

  7. they look amazing! The imagery and lettering are always so cool in them.

    Zoe x


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