Vintage Lookbook Photoshoot + Handmade Jewelry - Portland, Oregon

Woohoo! I'm back on the Blogger truly is my fave. I'm going to be posting a few things that some of you have already seen, perhaps, on various other social networks (particularly my Facebook page), but they are important to me and so I want them here. Follow me if you aren't already, and after I catch up with some retrospective beauty, the journey will move forward. Here are the photos from my Spring 2012 Lookbook. All photos were shot by Alyson Levy photography, and the jewelry is by Stone & Smith (both businesses are located in Portland, Oregon, and you ought to seek them out. Alyson can make everything look good!).

Most of the clothing items will be available in my shop soon. The black velvet jumpsuit is prrreeettty awesome, I have to say. And how bout them beautiful models?! Here's to beauty and bathing suits, collaboration and inspiration, blogging and beyond. Keep an eye on the blog, I'm going to take a summer vacation from the old Facebook this year, so all my updates will be here pretty soon.

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