the beauty to behold, the heart that beats

i am drinking my last cup of tea before my trip, about to pull a few last things out of the dryer to shove in my over-stuffed suitcase, and then (after making oatmeal for the boy), we will leave on our trip. so excited! i plan on blogging and photo-ing as much as i can from the road, finding treasures and capturing images in every town i visit. this morning, i leave you with a feast of beauty for your eyes - these gorgeous photos of my dearest friend in the City of Roses (and also in my heart) and her handsome honey. i thought this is a perfect post to launch my trip, as this trip is, in part, a pursuit of beauty and love. i'm loving the mellow monochromatics of these photos, as well as the body language (and of course these stunning models).

styling: Robin Hilleary
photography: Sammuel Hawkins


  1. holy fucking (sorry) cats. amazing pictures. anyway...have fun on your trip sadie! <3

  2. Wow, pretty pretty people! Have fun on your trip with the little man. Reach out to me when you get back, I'd love to get together again and have some blog friend time :)


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