Portraits from Portland

I've been on the road not that long yet, but it feels that I've been gone from home for ages. Far away seems the landscape of California, and I am entrenched now in moisture and moss, tall trees and fog. Though to be fair, Oregon, like much of our dear West coast, has not has as much rain as it should by now, and things are brighter and drier than they usually are in January. Asher and I stopped for various visiting adventures in Eugene and Corvallis, and then we've settled into Portland to stay for a bit. I still feel, even far from home, that my mission right now is to rest my wings, to be aware of the season, and to love. When we fly home, things will begin (ever-so-slightly) to unfold, in preparation for the distant Spring.

Here are a few photos from our adventure so far.

sweet kellee

beautiful boy

mama, by Asher

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  1. We are lucky to have your love here, Miss Sadie Rose.


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