morning walk

since my return to California after my trip to Portland, i've sworn to exercise more. i started with a ten-day trial to our local Bikram Yoga center, which has proven to be quite exhilarating and inspiring. additionally, on a morning that i skipped yoga, i took myself on a long solo morning walk through lower Bidwell Park. it was so nice to be there before the world had awoken completely; so nice to warm myself through movement rather than a heater; so nice to walk through the trees.


the year of the dragon

i hope everyone's lunar new year was clear and beautiful. cheers to all that lies ahead.
new year altar with mandarins, red candle, incense and red flowers

new moon bonfire
new moon bonfire

fire & light

bonfire boy


Portraits from Portland

I've been on the road not that long yet, but it feels that I've been gone from home for ages. Far away seems the landscape of California, and I am entrenched now in moisture and moss, tall trees and fog. Though to be fair, Oregon, like much of our dear West coast, has not has as much rain as it should by now, and things are brighter and drier than they usually are in January. Asher and I stopped for various visiting adventures in Eugene and Corvallis, and then we've settled into Portland to stay for a bit. I still feel, even far from home, that my mission right now is to rest my wings, to be aware of the season, and to love. When we fly home, things will begin (ever-so-slightly) to unfold, in preparation for the distant Spring.

Here are a few photos from our adventure so far.

sweet kellee

beautiful boy

mama, by Asher


the beauty to behold, the heart that beats

i am drinking my last cup of tea before my trip, about to pull a few last things out of the dryer to shove in my over-stuffed suitcase, and then (after making oatmeal for the boy), we will leave on our trip. so excited! i plan on blogging and photo-ing as much as i can from the road, finding treasures and capturing images in every town i visit. this morning, i leave you with a feast of beauty for your eyes - these gorgeous photos of my dearest friend in the City of Roses (and also in my heart) and her handsome honey. i thought this is a perfect post to launch my trip, as this trip is, in part, a pursuit of beauty and love. i'm loving the mellow monochromatics of these photos, as well as the body language (and of course these stunning models).

styling: Robin Hilleary
photography: Sammuel Hawkins



And so another trip around the sun begins again. Though I am not one for new year's resolutions, I feel quite deeply the significance of the metamorphosis symbolism of the new year. It simply cannot be missed; I actually experienced it quite profoundly and am still deep in the midst of it as we speak. transformations can be time consuming, but are always well-worth the effort.

 tomorrow I am setting off on a grand ole adventure with Asher, wherein we will head north together to see old friends and some family. we will stop at our favorite places and eat our favorite food; we will listen to music and revel in the expanse of time and space before us. i am, needless to say, very excited. i plan on finding a few select treasures along the way to list in my shop, and will keep you all updated as my journey progresses.

this season of winter winds and solstice light is such a time of rest and hibernation, of silence and observation, of simply sitting and letting it go. i hope that you are all able to do a bit of that, in your own way, even as the daily hustle goes on. drink tea and keep your feet warm, it is a sure way to strengthen your heart.