Giveaway Winner! (and light magic)

thank you thank you, all you wonderful women who entered our giveaway. i will announce the winner at the end of this post. i really wish you all could have won. just reading your comments makes me so happy, and each one feels like a gift. so thank you, truly. 

first, i wanted to post this glimmering glory that i found via Christy Jay at Ritual Mystic. What perfect imagery for the spirit and season that we are in. 

you can read more/ see more here, as well. 

now... the winner of the giveaway is Cat Diaz. yay! 

Melissa and I will send out the scarf and bolo tie very soon. 

Again, thank you to all who entered. thank you to everyone who reads this blog and who stops by to look or leave a comment. i hope these winter nights and holy days have you resting by fires and with tea, sitting with loved ones, laying in bed with books, or lavishing in your own solitude taking hot baths and hearing your heart speak. 



Here are my photos. Perhaps I should have cut out some more, but I simply couldn't. These are what I want to share with all of you, an offering of golden light. 

It is this moment, when the darkness turns inward on itself and the light returns. the solstice, the celebration, the bright chill of winter. there is, in all of us, this light. and, too, there is the darkness. i am seeking my own light always, calling it in, though sometimes i settle sleepily into the dark corners of myself, waiting for the light to seek me, instead. 

this past year for me has been one with a lot of darkness. but it is true, that at the darkest hour we are closest to the dawn. there is so much truth in everything. this (the truth) is the light, this is my heart. i seek truth, i seek love, i seek myself. i offer you these photos as part of this story, as part of the pursuit of each of our hearts, of each of our respective and collective beacons in the storm.

"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." 

- John Muir

wardrobe: Lost Boys + Lovers
photography: Simon Weller

Again, endless thanks to Leora at Gather Jewelry and to Simon Weller. 


A Peek of Golden Light

Crazy excited about my Solstice photo editorial that I am going to release tomorrow. I'm having a very hard time narrowing down the selection, I must admit. Here are four photos to whet your appetite. I plan on posting the whole lookbook/storybook here tomorrow. One hundred thank yous to Gather Jewelry and to Simon Weller, our amazing photographer. 

in planning this photoshoot, it was a bit different in that it wasn't really about showcasing clothing. i wanted these photos to tell a story. i wanted there to be light. i wanted these to touch your heart, more than anything. that's why i did them.



I meant to tell you guys that we have extended our giveaway deadline until this friday! hardly anyone has entered, so this means the odds are very good for those of you who have commented. i promise to announce a winner this weekend. click here to enter and to see photos of the goods. xo


Winter, winter

i think i have mentioned many times how much i love winter creeping in. i just returned home today from a couple days in tahoe, where winter is usually white and so so cold. while i love visiting, it is a bit of a relief to drop down into the lower elevations where the water isn't frozen and we can drive on clear roads. few things, however, will ever surpass the majestic beauty of snow.

a couple of weeks ago there was a big rain and windstorm that hit most of california, and it left us country folk without power for two days. it was quite the adventure, and we made the best of it - we grilled cheese and made tea on top of the woodstove, and on the second night we plugged one lamp into a tiny generator so that we could all read by the fireplace. 

after the storm let up, i went for a walk and took photos of the glorious life that springs up in this luxurious season of wetness. 

i can't get over the manzanita. it's almost obscene in it's sensuousness. 

last week i also had a trunk show in oakland at a dear friend's house - we had ghee, feng shui, jewelry, and my vintage and tonics that i recently made. it was so cozy and sweet - overall a perfect success. working with these two particular women was such an immense pleasure. we created a masterpiece!

these are more photos than i usually pack into one post, but i wanted to share them all. there is so much more, always, to say or to show. so many photos, capturing one elegant corner of a moment in time. so many words that could tell you how i feel in this moment - how it smells near the woodstove or out in the cold, wet dirt. or how grey and light the sky is, like the silver lining is upon us. 

tomorrow is Asher's first official day of christmas vacation and i am going to drink tea and clean the house all day. i cannot tell you how excited i am to clean my house. these are truly the joys of motherhood.