Beauty in the trees

Please take a moment to go visit the beautiful Laura over at Violet Bella today... she is as stylish as ever, and this time she is wearing a pair of custom leather earrings that I made for her a while ago as part of a trade that we did. Laura is such a warm-hearted soul and it really shines through in her writing and images.

she also was kind enough to remind everyone of my 50% off moving sale off all vintage in my shop. i think i'll keep the sale going through the weekend and then i'm going to close down the shop for a while during my moving adventure. so if you see something you like, swoop it up now (thanks Laura for these images).

a big part of this move for my is going to be letting go and simplifying. i am going to get rid of a lot of stuff....a big adventure in and of itself. i already took down my photo studio - the end of an era (and the beginning of the next).


Onward + upward

Holy holiday season! I can't believe what a swirl it is already. aside from cooking, crafting, baking cookies, and cleaning (oh housewifery, how i love you), i am also moving.

during this time of wild dream-chasing and cold-winter packing, please send me lots of love and lots of emails; be patient with my internet absence, and know that those of you who i love are always in my heart.

and if you live in Chico and have any boxes, call me. xo



December is upon us and with it comes the truth of winter. The plants all sit in stasis, their roots slumbering as the season descends. The winds are colder and our eyes glisten with the freshness of such air. My persimmon tree is leafless, and its branches hang bare, save for the rich fruit that ripen, still, waiting to be picked, or waiting to fall.

it is the time now to celebrate stillness and light, wind and fire. value and honor this time of inward-ness and hibernation, as it is just as important as the warm bursting of spring and the amber glow of autumn. it is this season that determines what will root and blossom when the next cycle begins.