Prance & Swagger grand reopening

I want to let you all know that the amazing online boutique, Prance & Swagger, has re-opened its doors and is now a free-standing shop with vintage and designer apparel for men and women. Desiree Marsau, owner and proprietor at Prance & Swagger is one of my oldest vintage heroines, and I was lucky enough to live in the same town as her for a while, where I got to eat pastries with her and learn valuable vintage lessons in her basement. 

and, long long ago, i modeled some hats for her in that same basement:


also, next week i plan on unveiling some fun and beautiful surprises for you.... enjoy your weekend, dear friends.

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  1. Yyayay! You fixed the comments. Get ready for an onslaught ;)
    I'm so so excited to talk to you tomorrow, hope you're having fun at the hot springs. The tomatoes look like they're gonna take all night, but what else is new...
    Thank you for these lovely posts to keep me company and this lovely new acquaintance as well.


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