little altars everywhere

i have a tendency to gather things into collections in various corners and places in my home. each collection eventually adopts its own theme (in color or purpose) and i add until it seems "finished." often, after some time passes, various collections are disassembled and dusted and re-formed if the surface is needed for something else, or, if it is just time to change it up and revitalize that space.

these collections of gathered things appear, now, in nearly every room in my house - and i realized the other day that i have built little altars everywhere.

this particular altar in the photos was presented to me almost as one complete package on the side of the road. the old crate, the candles, and the blue bottle were all together on the curb. i swooped it up one day, rescuing the candles from the summer heat, and put it all on my back porch with a few more adornments of my own (including my doily dream catcher from Missa), and it is now also graced with the presence of many spiders within its corners.


  1. your little altars are beautiful. :)

  2. Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

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  3. i do this, too! but i have to make mine up high because my baby is crazy.

  4. Yay for the new blog! I adore little alters and I'm so honored to have my very own handy work displayed in such a lovely way! :)

  5. Oooh ah altars! I do it too! Of course. And now I have a little Sadie-altar that was shipped to me in a box from you my dear. Opening that treasure really made me so so happy, just knowing that someone else too does these random, perfect little collections. I love it. Missa's little dreamcatcher mobile is so precious and perfect for this one.

  6. I totally do this as well and had never realised it until now! little alters everywhere, so genius. Love your blog by the way, so glad I've reached this party x


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