free people vs. lost boys

i just spent some time perusing through the hella trendy free people catalog and pulled some similar items from my shop to show how you can look just as good while spending less money, supporting small businesses, and reducing the strain on global textile production. triple win!

  1. fp le deux velvet tunic $128 // lb&l black velvet dress $35
  2. fp fur collar belted coat $248 // lb&l 1970s fur collar parka $68
  3. fp fringe leather jacket $856 // lb&l 1970s fringe deerskin jacket $58
  4. fp extreme corduroy flare $148 // lb&l 1970s corduroy flares $45
  5. fp boxy crochet sweater $198 // lb&l crochet sweater top $26
  6.  fp floral easy rider top $88 // lb&l sheer floral shirt $25
  7. fp isle of the sky poncho $128 // lb&l irish wool poncho $40

spread the word - shop from the heart - support the people


photos in left-hand column all (c) free people catalog


home = heart

it is amazing what a huge difference tiny home improvements can make for one's headspace. i should have taken a before photos of my entryway, but i didn't. it used to have a rag rug as a doormat (always dirty, always sliding around) and a pile of shoes around it (i was raised in a shoes-off house and it's one of my favorite traditions to continue). 

i finally found this rubber-backed rug ($3 at the thrift store) and brought these two baskets out to store the main mess of our sneakers and flip-flops. so much better! every day i look at it and it makes me happy. i truly feel that our homes are a reflection of our hearts, and to keep it clean and light and feeling good is of the utmost importance.

in other news, i suppose there's not too much to report. autumn is in full-swing, complete with cold new-moon nights and lots of oven-roasted root dinners (yum). last weekend i finally got back into craft mode and took over the living room with yarn and glue, scissors and crystals. 

Asher helped, too, and i brought out the pot-holder weaving loom for him and taught him how to do it. he picked up on it so quickly, and he sat there quietly weaving cotton hot-pads as i worked on my own projects. pot-holders are one of the first craft projects i remember learning from my mom, so it was especially heartwarming to pass it on to my own son. 

and now i have new pot-holders...Asher made the one on the left all by himself (i finished the edges) and the one on the right was a collaboration. 

happy friday, friends! may the new moon magic spread to all corners of your own world, and may our children be blessed with balance as the deluge of halloween candy approaches.



i had a particularly bountiful day at the thrift shop last week, and came home with lots of treasures for myself and the shop. here are a couple of my favorites:

i am, in particular, very excited about my lady of roses/mother mary statuette. i've been on the hunt for her for a while, but it seems that most thrift stores don't set her out on the shelves as much as they do the porcelain teddy bears and stranded wise men. i also wanted mary with roses, and here she not only wears a crown of them, but in her hands she holds one as though it is the world.

it was this summer that i finally had my most significant communion with mary. i was raised by a recovering catholic, and so mary was always in my life, but i never really felt that connected to her. (the most powerfully i ever felt her presence was through the classic beatles song, "let it be", which moved me immensely as a young girl and was one of the first songs that made me feel that ancient, deep-hearted ache of sadness and joy).  however, on my many summer adventures i embarked upon a journey wherein she literally came to me, and it all made sense. and the roses! being a rose myself, i have always had an affinity for these flowers, but, wrapped up with the magic of mary, i had another discovery of roses' true magic. it's all entertwined.

mary and roses.


clothes, clothes, clothes. and shoes.

i'm going to use today's post to do a little shop promotion....i have a new model and some new photos and some wonderful new stuff....i'm loving it all!



ooooh dang! check out the new banner for the Gather shop:

that's me, gettin naked on the internets.



Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street

love this:

the creators write: "Our original ideas were admittedly sophomoric: Pics of hot chicks being all protesty, videos of hot chicks beating drums in slow-mo, etc. But when we arrived at Zuccotti Park in New York City, it evolved into something more.

There was a vibrant energy in the air, a warmth of community and family, and the voices we heard were so hopeful and passionate. Pretty faces were making signs, giving speeches, organizing crowds, handing out food, singing, dancing, debating, hugging and marching.

It made me want to pack my bags and pitch a tent on Wall Street. And it's in the light that we created this video."

personally, i think it's beautiful. and in a life where i pursue beauty in all its forms...i find it brilliant and generationally apt to portray this particular aspect of this particular movement. undoubtedly, others will feel differently...thoughts?


THE POETRY PROJECT: Chapter 1 | What it is

for years and years and years i've written poetry. i began like most girls - around age thirteen, recording early love in gifted journals. later - age fifteen: my own journal covered in india cotton...poetry and cigarettes at sunset in the sand by the lake with my best friend - she and i birthed each other's inner poet (it is the single most important legacy of that friendship). my words evolved over the years, keeping up with me. it's always been around, threading softly through each moment, each tragedy. 

i'm starting the poetry project as a place to publish bits and pieces of poems and prose poetry that i've written over the years. it is a project of unearthing and dusting off, a project of release and renewal, of bravery and belief. perhaps i will sometimes publish new poetry, fresh off the press, but for now, i know i will start with older things. i've collected so much, and with this (a bow and a breath), i'll begin to share.


love fades slowly, and then surges again. like the tides, yes... like the moon, yes.... but also like an entire planet, a whole season. the solstice came again, the moon whispered her longest words and our heads bowed in reverance. the light of the moon stayed longer than before, and longer than is to come. though it marks the first day of winter... to me, it marks the first day of spring. now, each day will become longer. bit by bit the light will sustain, the sun will set slower, and the morning will be brighter, until suddenly it will be blossoming all around us: the grass in the gutters, the trees on the curb, the smiles from the babies. all things that were planted and resting will suddenly spring to life and smell good. i won't be able to sit still; the love will take a new shape, dancing toward fruition.

- December 28, 2006 


we prove the unthinkable even to ourselves

yesterday (October 15) was my son Asher's 7th birthday. i am so proud to be the mother of such a joyful and radiant being of light. he is my little custom-designed medicine man - no one can make me laugh harder or so swiftly teach me the ways of patience and truth. 

i remember when he had just barely arrived in this world, with eyes that rarely opened, and i clutched him to my chest at all times knowing that his warmth, his breath, depended on mine. i remember walking around in a post-childbirth daze, listening to more seasoned mothers laugh and tell me that it goes so fast; in those moments, i couldn't believe it. it seemed impossible that the slow-ness of those first three months would ever speed up to a normal pace. i felt that i would be forever living in a world of breastmilk and....well, breastmilk. 

everyone who has been a mother knows that motherhood is the ultimate tragic beauty. it is the most powerful, profound, exhausting, glorious, aching, heart-wrenching, devastating, exhilarating contract i have ever signed, and i am only 7 years in. 


with all of it in the world, i am truly blessed. this tiny, tiny person, has taught me how to be myself. each morning i awake to his bright blue eyes, saturated with joy that his mother is up and once again at his service. and each day we begin again; the starlit dance that moves us both forward, together.


ADORN THYSELF: Sneak Preview

 Adorn by Mari, a local jewelry artisan, is launching a limited-edition collection to be available online for the first time at Lost Boys & Lovers next week. i am so excited to bring this amazing jewelry to all of you. Mari, owner & creator at Adorn by Mari is a talented jewelry-maker who possesses a deep intuitive design sense of her own, and she was raised in Wyoming where she spend time learning from and working with indigenous elders who passed on secrets of craft and magic to Mari's heart and hands. 

a whole new section of the shop will open next week to feature Mari's jewelry - stay tuned and keep an eye out for the beauty.



things that are to come

a quick post to update all of you on some things that are in store for Lost Boys & i mentioned on my old blog, i worked with several lovely ladies this summer up in Oregon to produce a stunning lookbook for LB&L. the lookbook was shot by the talented Alyson Levy....and i can promise you that i am on the edge of my seat waiting to release these photos. so stay tuned! i don't think we have to wait much longer.

i feel lucky to have been captured before by Alyson's lens... here are a couple photos from a friend's wedding last year, for which LB&L made the bouquet and for which Alyson was the photographer:


she is amazing. 


i have another upcoming surprise to share, but now that i'm thinking about it, i think i'll save that one for tomorrow. for now, i leave you with ripe full moon blessings and today's astrological forecast (as provided here):  

Tuesday, Oct 11: Scattered, buzzing, confrontational if blocked. Most don’t want to fight but are just listening to inner directives and heading off in a different direction. Check for mixed signals and clarify short term goal before proceeding midday. A courageous, decisive, contentious afternoon needs room for self-expression or can get explosive as the Moon waxes full in Aries. Choose fights carefully, keep it spacious. We urgently need both self-expression and connection and this can feel paradoxical, but the best we can do for our loved ones is let them be themselves.


Unearthing the treasures

This past summer, I traveled with a friend to a festival in Mendocino where we had our first-ever legitimate festival vending experience. While, there, an older local woman came into my booth. Being a somewhat reclusive, solo, bad-ass, in-the-country hunterswoman, she was very taken by my selection of crystal bullets. we spoke for a while, and she told me that she had loads and loads of bullet shells at home, as she loves to hunt - and, notwithstanding, is one of the best and most accurate shooters in the county. She said that not a soul comes onto her property without knowing to be highly aware - or scared - or both.

She asked if I'd like for her to mail me a box of her spent bullet casings, and of course I said that I would. She bought an amethyst bullet, I gave her my address, and she left.


About a month later, a box came in the mail with no return address (except for the word BOONVILLE). I knew it was the casings from her, but in my busy swirl, I put the box in my craft room and forgot about it for a good 4+ weeks.

Finally, this weekend (in cleaning my craft room), I decided it was time to open the box. In doing so, I opened a trove of of true treasures. Not only did she send me piles of bullet casings, but she also sent me ancient rusty nails and keys, cool pieces of rock, and a fine collection of bone and teeth pieces.

I was so honored to receive such a thoughtful bundle from a far-away stranger; though I wish so very much I could send her a thank-you note in return, I will revel in the bittersweet beauty and mysterious magic of the anonymous return-label.  Instead I must send my thanks on the wind, knowing that they will, at some point, arrive on her misty, winter doorstep, singing in the foggy coastal air that drips from her trees. 



Prance & Swagger grand reopening

I want to let you all know that the amazing online boutique, Prance & Swagger, has re-opened its doors and is now a free-standing shop with vintage and designer apparel for men and women. Desiree Marsau, owner and proprietor at Prance & Swagger is one of my oldest vintage heroines, and I was lucky enough to live in the same town as her for a while, where I got to eat pastries with her and learn valuable vintage lessons in her basement. 

and, long long ago, i modeled some hats for her in that same basement:


also, next week i plan on unveiling some fun and beautiful surprises for you.... enjoy your weekend, dear friends.


Stone fox

As many of you who have been following me know, I recently modeled some epic bling for Gather Jewelry's new website. That being said, please be patient with me as I re-post some images over the coming weeks that many of you have already seen. (With the launch of my new blog, I want to make sure I bring over lots of my favorite images so that they are all in one place). 

Yesterday in the mail, I received my very own Herkimer diamond engagement ring from Gather (though mine is with bright sterling silver, whereas this one pictured is oxidized).

NOW I'M ENGAGED TO LEORA. just kidding. but i'd really think about it if she asked. I've long-felt that there are so many better answers to engagement jewelry than the traditional diamond rings that flood the mainstream market. This is probably one of the best examples I've seen thus far, and I hope it inspires many brides-to-be. And of course, may it inspire many non-brides, as well - I'm already dreaming of another one so that I can wear them stacked on one finger. 


You may have heard that it has been rainy here in Northern California for the past few days, bringing in the sweet smell of wet earth and its sister scent, fires in the hearth. I've been cold enough to close my windows for the first time in months and wear big sweaters when I drive Asher to school.

Soon, I will need to find new slippers.