beneath our feet

ahhh, at last i have arrived in my new home (new look! same great taste!). for those of you who have followed me over here, thank you. the journey continues ever-forward. i am slowly but surely switching everything over to my beloved brand, Lost Boys & Lovers. here is the new blog, my new shop is filling up, and warm Autumn winds are on the horizon.

in fact, it is these exact winds that are fueling these changes - these and all the changes underway. it is time to plant new seeds in the garden, as the summer harvest begins (and the canning, the drying, the cooking). suddenly everything in my house looks tired, ready for renewal and cleaning and rearranging before winter returns.

Autumn is an almost-unbearably powerful season, and it is one of my favorites. the deepest ache it brings, the reminder to look further inward, to burrow within ourselves. in California (my part of California), i am still blessed with hot sunny days and blooming flowers - Autumn creeps in slowly through the earth and air, but I still dry my hair quickly in the afternoon heat, and I'm taking advantage of these final weeks (months?) of shorts and miniskirts, white shirts and iced tea.

cheers to the ever-changing seasons, to our ever-changing selves, and to all of you! may the blogging adventures continue, our gardens continue to grow, and our hearts grow ever-more open, turning toward the sky.

(wearing vintage wrangler cutoffs (thrifted), plain white tee (clothing swap), and my beloved vintage leather boots& purse)

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  1. i fully agree about autumn. an almost unbearably powerful season. and i am in western new york where the leaf change and the cold air comes quickly! you look amazing. !! xo


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