the only constant is change

Hey friends, I wanted to remind you that everything at sadieDeluxe is 50% off until the end of the month, so stop by if you can. After the sale (well actually, starting now), I'm going to shift all my listings to Lost Boys & Lovers and use that shop for everything now - vintage and handmade.

You have all been so patient with me through my branding/identity crisis journey and I love you all for that. It's all worth it in the end, I just know it. If you haven't yet, please check out my Facebook page as well, as I plan on streamlining updates there, as well.

In other news, I am relishing in August delight and the end-of-summer breezes that sneak by now and then. It is exhilarating, almost, the preparation for Fall. The changing of the gardens, the harvesting of fruit, the fading of the evening light....all of it is somehow so dramatic and seductive....Autumn beckons with her beauty, promising us sustenance and family intertwined with that painfully deep introspection and catalytic movement. Siiiighh.....


  1. oh girl.ya know I'm gonna have to swoop up one of those fringed deliciousness! So beautiful..xox Kerry

  2. Congrats on taking the plunge! Lost Boys & Lovers yay!

  3. best of luck with the switcheroo my dear! looking forward to your new stuff in the consolidated shop....!


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