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Hey friends! Head over to House of Milk to read my guest post today. (Below are some outtakes).


  1. great tutorial. :) i did this allllllll the time when i was younger and was accused of being "different". what's funny is that now, this style and the whole DIY thing is ridiculously in-style. life is funny.

  2. HI Sadie,

    so cuuuute!

    i have to say i love your boots? vintage, right?!

    im looking for the perfect boots, bein a Texan girl in California. The ones I have just arent cutting it.


  3. Hi Katy!

    Yes, they are vintage indeed. What is your ideal perfect boot? believe me, i can related to that particular search so much!

  4. Hi Sadie,
    love your blog, btw.
    I love yours in particular. Not too bulky, kinda tall. Im a 9.5 and boots seem to look a bit cuter when they are a smaller size.

    Any ideas?

    what do you thinkk about:

  5. hey Katy-

    Ahh yes, it is such a treasure to find the perfect pair of boots. allensboots looks good, but i personally think that it's really nice to try on a pair of boots before purchasing.

    is there a Buffalo Exchange where you live? sometimes they have a good used boot selection.

    also keep an eye on my friend Amber's shop:

    she has big feet, too and tries to stock lots of cowboy boots. And of course i will keep my eye out for you!! (p.s. will you send me your email address?)


  6. hey sadie girl! I changed my blog name so it will groove with the rest of my digs. I am re-following you. Here is my new blog ! Take care xxooxKerry

  7. Sadie,

    im slow like molasses. lapixels@gmail

    where are you located? im in sf :)




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