the only constant is change

Hey friends, I wanted to remind you that everything at sadieDeluxe is 50% off until the end of the month, so stop by if you can. After the sale (well actually, starting now), I'm going to shift all my listings to Lost Boys & Lovers and use that shop for everything now - vintage and handmade.

You have all been so patient with me through my branding/identity crisis journey and I love you all for that. It's all worth it in the end, I just know it. If you haven't yet, please check out my Facebook page as well, as I plan on streamlining updates there, as well.

In other news, I am relishing in August delight and the end-of-summer breezes that sneak by now and then. It is exhilarating, almost, the preparation for Fall. The changing of the gardens, the harvesting of fruit, the fading of the evening light....all of it is somehow so dramatic and seductive....Autumn beckons with her beauty, promising us sustenance and family intertwined with that painfully deep introspection and catalytic movement. Siiiighh.....


guest post

Hey friends! Head over to House of Milk to read my guest post today. (Below are some outtakes).



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Gather Jewelry

Gather Jewelry is live with some beautiful lookbook shots from our photoshoot last month.

From the homepage (pictured above), click on the "night/light" link to see night and day looks in Gather jewelry, and click on the "bend" link to see some other trippy formations. Biggest shout outs to Erin and Leora, the photos look amazing.



Yesterday was one of my best days ever with my garden. Thanks to endless sun and warmth, the garden has grown rapidly over the past couple months with hardly even any extra work from me. Of course I make sure to give it lots of love and care, but as a first-year gardener I am constantly astounded by the bounty that can grow in my tiny rectangle of dirt! So exciting.
First thing yesterday I made a big jar of pesto using green and purple basil from the garden. I blended it with garlic, cashews, parmesan and a bit of salt and it is delicious. That was project 1.

After that, we all went out in the garden to discuss the readiness of our giant watermelon.

It seemed ready, but it is always so sad when one harvests a not-quite-ready watermelon. After much thought and discussion, we decided to go for it.
Success! It was not only giant, but perfectly ripe and absolutely delicious. We've eaten half of it so far. Finally, Asher and I spent the evening making some pickles (photos above), which I've never done before. They came out pretty good, but I want to try some other recipes.

Do you have any pickle recipes? If so, share them below or link me to them...I want to try a couple more recipes out this week. My cucumber plant is going crazy.



Last week we went camping on the California coast for my birthday, just south of Mendocino. As expected, it was beautiful and slightly cold...and we happened to be there in the midst of abalone season, so we were surrounded by many a diver talking loudly of their harvests. The trip felt complete with tide pools, big breakfasts, beachside naps, and s'mores.

Happy Monday to all of you....may this week bring you much joy as the season slides ever-so-slowly into the spider-laden delight of late-summer.


they say

Today is my 29th birthday.... here are a couple photographic memories of my younger years (hehe).

Me at 24 with tiny cute blonde Asher.

I believe this was my 7th birthday at Cape Cod. in my teeny bikini that mom brought me from Barbados.

Now we are off for a coastal adventure with the family....the car is nearly packed and I have to go finish a few more things...back later this week with updates.

Love XO