Summer teeth

This happened over the weekend.

Today we continue with the heavy heat and slow afternoons. My clothesline broke last week (sad) and now my honey has rebuilt me a much-improved version II, about which I am SO very excited. I know I don't need to tell any of you about that smell one gets from hanging her linens out to dry. Yum.

I've been listing a lot of new vintage in the shop, so stop by if you want. I'll probably list more today. In my underwear. Between guava popsicles and buckets of ice water.


  1. Alright! Way to go with the tooth! I use to love wiggling those things out when they were on their last legs..Happy hot days sister!

  2. OMG the hair cut is soooo cute and the tooth in hand loving this hot sharp tooth post.

  3. that still has to happen to us over here - i think i'll cry about it - so many changes all at once. Congrats to your big kid :-D

  4. Yaya Asher! Making whole new bones is pretty amazing. Almost as amazing as that smile.

  5. oh MAN. asher, how you continue to be the most darling little thing. give him a big squeeze for me, sadierose.


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