Soft spot

A little peek into one of my favorite corners of my house....

Soon I'll post photos of it at night time, when I light up various tiny lamps & fairy lights and candles. Oh, the glowing hearts of our homes.


  1. So cozy!! I love the pillows and just wanna lay down :)

  2. me too! I wanna cuddle in your nook! l love special hiding spots that we create for our adult selves .

  3. So cozy! I've been on a serious lookout for some macrame plant hangers, but no luck :( I have a thing about hanging plants from when I was a kid and right now we don't have any blooms or green indoors (but plenty outside ;) so I'm working on it. Heck if I have to make them...

  4. The shell lamp shade looks awasome in there.
    such a great room

  5. What a dreamily cozy little nook! I love all the plants! Looks like the perfect spot to cuddle up with a good book. Looking forward to seeing it in all it's fairylit glory too :)


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