I just bought these sweet shorts from Amber at Renouveau Clothing - I love her handpainted stencil and am so excited to finally have my own pair of custom high-waisted cut offs. Truly, Amber is pretty wicked when it comes to the art of reconstructing - you can see some examples in her shop, or at a number of Chico boutiques if you happen to be local. 

Amber and I worked together on this event earlier this year, and Erin Lizardo (Social Form Creative Group), who did the photography, re-edited some of the photographs for her design portfolio. Amber & I modeled, and the clothes are all vintage or Renouveau Clothing, and some of the jewelry is by Lost Boys & Lovers. I know these aren't new, but I love what Erin did with them and thought I'd post them for some good old fashioned eye candy:


  1. WOW! That last pic is sooooo stunning! Seriously breathtaking Sadie, what a beauty you are :)

    I'm totally diggin' those cut offs too, the stenciling is brilliant. Outfit post in those please!

  2. sadie girl, you are one hot piece of meat!

  3. These images are so gorgeous. That last shot just kills me with its beauty. Your beauty.


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