Friends & Fridays

First of all, thank you to everyone for coming back and leaving sweet comments. I love you, I really do. Life is so good, and it is so nice to share it with each other. This weekend is going to be very, very hot in my little hometown, and so I'm hoping to spend most of it creekside or on shady porches. This is the view from my little front porch right now:

Yesterday I took Asher on a thrifting/errands adventure of epic proportions, and he was so good. Really, he's quite good a lot of the time. I don't say this to brag, I say this incredulously, and with quiet gratitude. After a couple rough years in the toddler era, spending an entire day with my son wherein he is mellow and we can share thoughtful conversation leaves me feeling buoyant and light. It is amazing. Man alive I loved me some breastfeeding, but this kid thing is pretty f*cking sweet.

This is what I wore when we went out. Rule #1 on errand day: be comfortable. (Misery sets in almost instantly, otherwise).

The feather earrings I'm wearing are from Leora wayyy back before she even had Gather. I got them in one of my first-ever Etsy trades back when I was still living in Portland. I love them.

My skirt used to be a shirt, and my Portland roommate cut the sleeves off and wore it upside-down, as a skirt. Somewhere along the way I inherited it, and hemmed the bottom to make it look a bit cleaner. Upside-down rhinestone cheetah shirt skirt? Yes.

My granny sweater is thrifted and I love it for its length and coziness, though it puzzles my honey (why are you wearing that sweater when your other clothes are so cute? he asks). My purse is 60s/70s leather, also thrifted, and is my new favorite....and my Chucks were thrifted (though brand new) back in Portland. One of the Goodwills in Portland used to get a lot of sample kickbacks from the local Nike HQ there, and Converse is a Nike brand (and 6 is apparently a sample size), so I used to find some really sweet sneakers there.

Finally, my rings are both handmade by two fine Portland ladies. The Love Knuckles were custom made for me by Winnie at Winifred Jewelry, and the large square ring is also custom made by Melissa at Stone & Smith (I call it my cloudy skies rings, since it reminds me of the cloudy skies of Portland).

And now that I told all those stories, I see now that my outfit is a celebration of my life in Portland... so cheers to that - and cheers to all you Portland ladies reading this.... and happy Friday to everyone.


  1. You look so cute and mischievous! And that granny sweater comment could be from the mouth of my own hon, too. He hates those things with a passion. And belts. SO nice to see you so often now. I promise emails are underway maybe tonight...Love and send some heat my way will ya.

  2. that sweater rules! I have many "mom" sweaters (as my man calls then) and dang sometimes a girl just needs to be cozy!
    xo m


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