back porch

I want to say so many things, but the more I say, the less I feel. 
It is too much for words. It is unborn. 
I cannot prematurely give life to it, it is brewing. I feel acutely more aware of certain emotions. I have been having visions that I keep thinking are from my past but I suddenly realized that perhaps they are from my future. Everything is mostly glorious. Deep rich sparkling tears - full-spectrum tears: The light in the rivers. Those sparkles from the sun. The fire trapped in the water. That is it – it is tiny slivers of fire encased in tiny drops of water and it is the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

july, 2010 


  1. wow! I love your back porch! I wanna sip tea and arrange crystals back there w/you... xo m

  2. Beauty! Both your words and your back porch, I wanna come hang out there, like right now. The shawls over the windows are such a lovely touch, I would never have thought to do that on the outside of a window and you have so many wonderful potted plants around your place. Loving these little peeks into your world :)

  3. YOu are incredibly amazing..I wanna snuggle in your corner, and drink a brew on your back porch.

  4. that's one heavenly hammock you've got there. I so wish I had a porch of my own.

  5. I want to come and sit with you on that sweet sweet porch and rock and talk and sip tea into the starry night. Soon?


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