Every year, the same thing happens. Summer finally appears, thick and hot, taking over spring quietly one night while we're sleeping. Then we all wake up sweaty and squinting, clothes come off, music comes on. Everyone is everywhere, talking about everything.

Here we are again. July is in full bloom, the weekdays simply marking the days of rest between the wondrous weekends. I am (once again) immersed deep in memories of my making, and simultaneously lost in future visions and the task of sustaining the present. 

It is a wild-heart chase, the season of death-by-laughter and perfect rivers. It is so easy to love and be grateful, the remembering is all so delicious, and the tomorrows are all so simple. 

(text adapted from this blog entry in 2009; photo shot from the car window in los angeles, april 2009)


  1. i totally remember that post, sadie rose. resonates like whoa!

  2. my feelings exactly! beautifully expressed dear summer spirit!

  3. How this captures the essence of summer! I love it. If only some of that California sunshine came this way, just a little bit. As much as I love these grey skies I still long for those magic rays in everyone's photos.

  4. *sigh* You have such a lovely way with words Sadie.

  5. ahhh, i love that this post drew in the four of you, particularly. xoxo


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