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I just bought these sweet shorts from Amber at Renouveau Clothing - I love her handpainted stencil and am so excited to finally have my own pair of custom high-waisted cut offs. Truly, Amber is pretty wicked when it comes to the art of reconstructing - you can see some examples in her shop, or at a number of Chico boutiques if you happen to be local. 

Amber and I worked together on this event earlier this year, and Erin Lizardo (Social Form Creative Group), who did the photography, re-edited some of the photographs for her design portfolio. Amber & I modeled, and the clothes are all vintage or Renouveau Clothing, and some of the jewelry is by Lost Boys & Lovers. I know these aren't new, but I love what Erin did with them and thought I'd post them for some good old fashioned eye candy:


Mara Hruby

Mara Hruby is the woman wearing the Eye of Horus earrings (that I want very badly) in this post. She is a woman of much beauty & brains & talent.

Video found today on

food. flowers. foxes.

flowers from the garden

food from the garden

Asher reading his Fox book from Missa. in his hat from Missa.


back view

Here is a sneak peek of what Erin, Leora and I have been working on the past couple days. I provided the body, Leora provided the jewelry, and Erin is the make-it-happen mastermind.  Make sure you keep an eye on Gather to see what else turns up....

(EDIT: read Leora's post on it here - darth vader & Asher, etc.)


back porch

I want to say so many things, but the more I say, the less I feel. 
It is too much for words. It is unborn. 
I cannot prematurely give life to it, it is brewing. I feel acutely more aware of certain emotions. I have been having visions that I keep thinking are from my past but I suddenly realized that perhaps they are from my future. Everything is mostly glorious. Deep rich sparkling tears - full-spectrum tears: The light in the rivers. Those sparkles from the sun. The fire trapped in the water. That is it – it is tiny slivers of fire encased in tiny drops of water and it is the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

july, 2010 



Every year, the same thing happens. Summer finally appears, thick and hot, taking over spring quietly one night while we're sleeping. Then we all wake up sweaty and squinting, clothes come off, music comes on. Everyone is everywhere, talking about everything.

Here we are again. July is in full bloom, the weekdays simply marking the days of rest between the wondrous weekends. I am (once again) immersed deep in memories of my making, and simultaneously lost in future visions and the task of sustaining the present. 

It is a wild-heart chase, the season of death-by-laughter and perfect rivers. It is so easy to love and be grateful, the remembering is all so delicious, and the tomorrows are all so simple. 

(text adapted from this blog entry in 2009; photo shot from the car window in los angeles, april 2009)


Soft spot

A little peek into one of my favorite corners of my house....

Soon I'll post photos of it at night time, when I light up various tiny lamps & fairy lights and candles. Oh, the glowing hearts of our homes.


Summer teeth

This happened over the weekend.

Today we continue with the heavy heat and slow afternoons. My clothesline broke last week (sad) and now my honey has rebuilt me a much-improved version II, about which I am SO very excited. I know I don't need to tell any of you about that smell one gets from hanging her linens out to dry. Yum.

I've been listing a lot of new vintage in the shop, so stop by if you want. I'll probably list more today. In my underwear. Between guava popsicles and buckets of ice water.


Friends & Fridays

First of all, thank you to everyone for coming back and leaving sweet comments. I love you, I really do. Life is so good, and it is so nice to share it with each other. This weekend is going to be very, very hot in my little hometown, and so I'm hoping to spend most of it creekside or on shady porches. This is the view from my little front porch right now:

Yesterday I took Asher on a thrifting/errands adventure of epic proportions, and he was so good. Really, he's quite good a lot of the time. I don't say this to brag, I say this incredulously, and with quiet gratitude. After a couple rough years in the toddler era, spending an entire day with my son wherein he is mellow and we can share thoughtful conversation leaves me feeling buoyant and light. It is amazing. Man alive I loved me some breastfeeding, but this kid thing is pretty f*cking sweet.

This is what I wore when we went out. Rule #1 on errand day: be comfortable. (Misery sets in almost instantly, otherwise).

The feather earrings I'm wearing are from Leora wayyy back before she even had Gather. I got them in one of my first-ever Etsy trades back when I was still living in Portland. I love them.

My skirt used to be a shirt, and my Portland roommate cut the sleeves off and wore it upside-down, as a skirt. Somewhere along the way I inherited it, and hemmed the bottom to make it look a bit cleaner. Upside-down rhinestone cheetah shirt skirt? Yes.

My granny sweater is thrifted and I love it for its length and coziness, though it puzzles my honey (why are you wearing that sweater when your other clothes are so cute? he asks). My purse is 60s/70s leather, also thrifted, and is my new favorite....and my Chucks were thrifted (though brand new) back in Portland. One of the Goodwills in Portland used to get a lot of sample kickbacks from the local Nike HQ there, and Converse is a Nike brand (and 6 is apparently a sample size), so I used to find some really sweet sneakers there.

Finally, my rings are both handmade by two fine Portland ladies. The Love Knuckles were custom made for me by Winnie at Winifred Jewelry, and the large square ring is also custom made by Melissa at Stone & Smith (I call it my cloudy skies rings, since it reminds me of the cloudy skies of Portland).

And now that I told all those stories, I see now that my outfit is a celebration of my life in Portland... so cheers to that - and cheers to all you Portland ladies reading this.... and happy Friday to everyone.