I realize now that I've never taken a good photo of my garden since we built it. But you can see that phase of it here, which is a good reference point for these photos. I'll have to also take some pictures of the rosebushes as they are positively huge and bursting and some of them have even thrown vines over into my garden. 
The broccoli has been a pleasant surprise, I think - so far my two plants have been providing enough broccoli to feed my boys consistently for the past month or so. They both eat a lot of broccoli (thank goodness, since they both fear my favorite green - chard).

The artichoke has been so hardy....isn't it beautiful? Even in the first month when I felt that nothing was growing, the artichoke seemed oblivious to everyone else and continued to stretch out its dagger-like leaves in determined joy. I have heard that it's best to let your artichokes go to flower the first year, then harvest them the second. Has anyone else heard this?


  1. beautiful garden. did you buy smal broccoli plants or did you rais them from seeds? maybe i will have some next year =)

  2. Girl, what a beauteous garden patch. I'm so envious of your artichoke, I did one the first year, but determined that I just don't have the space. I don't even like to eat them that much, I just love the idea. And yes, that's what my 70s garden book says too. Let her flower.

    Glad you're back. So glad.

  3. California ~ everything grows and grows

  4. your garden is beautiful! I am bursting over your blooms!! More pictures of the green sexiness please!!


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