in the morning

This morning I went to a friend's house for tea and talk (I think most of you ladies know how beloved a morning tea & chatter ritual can be....especially when it fits in amongst the wild-ness of schedules, work, and children). We drank warm tea and admired the bursting flowers and baby cherries growing on the tree, and I modeled some tops that Alicia's been designing (I, ever the Etsy-aficionado, have been encouraging her to get them up online asap, so hopefully these photos will help).

Here's an outtake from our mini-shoot....

And here I am in the one that I bought from her (and she made me the pants). Super comfy stretchy cute-ness.

Annnnd do you see a Gather cuff somewhere in there??!



  1. You look gorgeous! I love the mix of crop tops and hip huggers. I know this is beside the point but, how did you get out of baby baking without stretch marks?

    Anyway, your gather cuff is wonderfully pretty, I'll bet you're wearing it with everything, huh?
    Take Care,

  2. Model citizen. She should start her own etsy, those actually kind of remind of the layering capacities of these . Lol, you're everywhere on the internets today, but as nice as it is to see your handy-works and pretty face, I just wish we could have some morning tea together. Soon?

  3. daang gurl!!!

  4. Milla, morning tea with you is on my top 5 wishlist items.

    Claire - i think it was a combination of genetic protection & my young age & Asher being 4 weeks early - neither of us gained very much weight while he was in there. :)

  5. Oh hon, it reappeared but sans comments? Or did you have it saved in drafts? Either way, I'm ALWAYS happy to see your pretty face and such fabulous pieces of handiworks. I've been lusting after one of Leora's pieces for what seems like aeons. Love.

  6. yes, i don't know what happened! blogger ate it up i guess and couldn't give back the comments. alas. :) love you milla!

  7. Lordy! I love the tops... but gotta say they're gonna sell twice as fast with you modeling them (adorable pants too)!!! :D You look fantastic :D

    Chitter chattering with friends can be so therapeutic! I used to walk a mile with a friend up to a coffee shop, visit, and walk our mile home! I miss it so! Happy Friday lil lady!

  8. Loving the sexy sporty vibe and that cuff is a real stunner, as are you yourself ;)

  9. Wow, you look amazing. Encourage your friend to get her gorgeous pieces online again soon

  10. girl, you so fine.

    jealous of your sweet tea morning. see you saturday! xo


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