Dear friends,

At last - I am here! This spring/summer transition has been an interesting one for all of us, I know - the lingering winds and rain are unusual, and just when it seems that it is time for our hearts to fully unfurl to the sun, the sky begins to dump again. 

In my blog-absence, I've been amassing a great deal of treasures from some of you women out there in the Etsy/blogosphere... and this, among other things, has prompted me to express my deep gratitude once again for all of you. Though I've been terribly unattached from my camera, I have, in a heaping pile, some books and textile treasures from Bee, the book I won from Claire (with a kind inscription and some wonderful pagan holiday cards!), some epic jewelry from Gather, and a collection of gifts from a dear customer (that's you, Jen!) with whom I've been able to form a relationship just through our communications on Etsy. It is this - all of this - that makes me so thankful for this time and this world and the things that are (and the things that are to come).

Additionally, I had a dear friend call me in need of a gift for her sister. I find it such a great honor when one of my own friends wants something from me to give as a gift - these are some of my most favorite orders.

So, thank you ALL for the love and connections and art and inspiration. It is a big part of my life and I am grateful.

And finally, I wanted to let you all know that I marked down a bunch of stuff in the shop and dumped it all in the good ole $6 Sale Bin.

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  1. Dude. YOU are a huge inspiration to all of us. Thank you x 1000 for being such an amazing you. xo


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