And so it goes

Dear ones - I've been gone from here, I know. But who can blame me? Blog land is no match for these days of bright sun and warm winds. The bees are plentiful and the afternoons are thick with heat. Oh Chico you are so HOT and I love it. Yesterday I found a gift of wildflowers on my porch and stuffed them into a vase at the kitchen table, amongst jars of roses from my own yard. From a string across the dining room I have more roses hanging, their petals drying slowly so that I may brew them and drink them in tea. Asher and I sat on the porch with our shirts off and sweated as the sun sank lower in the sky. For dinner, I roasted heads and heads of garlic and we ate them all from a collective bowl, drowning them in olive oil and smearing them on bread.

And today is Friday (my favorite day!) - the dawn of rest and relaxation and creative cultivation. There are so many projects to be done, so many messes to be cleaned, and tonight we will cook dinner in the yard.

denim cut-off shorts, thrifted
sheer lace top, garage-saled
handmade earrings


  1. I like how you call Friday the dawn of rest and creative cultivation. I agree with you 100% except that this year I work on Saturday and I hate it.

  2. Sadie honey child! You are so fucking gorgeous/adorable/hot/cute/darling/sweet/stylish/creative. That dinner sounds fabulous. I just feel so lucky to know you and get to watch you live and be inspired by your life and your brightly shining spirit :-)

  3. Hotness! Weather-wise and otherwise ;D I can't help but to feel a mite jealous for your weather, do send some for my bees, dearest. I too feel happy and lucky to know you and get to know you better through these little windows into your life. Love.

  4. What cutie pies you two are! Wishing you the most wonderful of Mother's Day weekends Hot Mama!

    Mmmm, I'm liking the sound of your roasted garlic dinner :)

  5. whoa! I just felt like I was hanging out with you. awesome.

  6. How stunning are you guys in front of that old pick up??? :D Glad you're enjoying more sun than computer time!!! It seems like life blooms when the sun comes out- all of our neighbor kids are all out bike riding, playing tag, laughing. Our street's full of life again! And roasted garlic on bread? Mmmmmm

  7. One sunny day the world was waiting for a lover
    She came along to turn on everyone
    Sexy Sadie the greatest of them all.

    Sexy Sadie how did you know
    The world was waiting just for you
    The world was waiting just for you
    Sexy Sadie oooh how did you know.

    Keep it up, pretty Mama. I love being able to take part in your life in this little way. Speaking of little things, you won my book giveaway for the Farmerettes book! I did the whole random number generator thing, but I can't be bothered to cut-n-paste it. Anyway, send me your addy, okay?


  8. love these pictures, especially the last one! so cute.


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