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Mamas & sisters - I'm looking for ideas on how to re-invent Easter for my little guy. I want to give him the satisfaction of an Easter basket, because I hate for him to be left out, but I feel little connection to Easter itself and find its particular Hallmark propaganda even more annoying than Valentine's Day.

So I ask you - ideas, please? Of course I want to make it a celebration of Spring....but I would love to hear ideas & new traditions that any of you have created.

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  1. My decidedly non-church attending family always had an easter egg hunt, where my grandma hid chocolate eggs, easter-themed craft supplies, a little bit of money and other fun things for us around her apartment. We then got to find them out, with grandma telling us wether the direction we were heading was getting hot or cold ;) We also got to paint and marble eggs for the whole family's breakfast and blow eggs empty to hide things in. It was so much fun!

    Last year we went with a bunch of kid-having friends to hike on top of our local mountain, where us grown up hid eggs that the kids themselves had painted previously. They got to hunt them and eat them, no chocolate. We had a picnic with other goodies though. It was lovely, except a bunch of people got lost ;D yikes!

    In Finland there's still a few pagan traditions left over that are associated with easter and so it never felt like an over-commercialized or overly-Christian holiday. It was in fact, one of my favorites. We were watching C's old home movies over Christmas and there's an easter one where they (the kids about 4 and 6) just got woken up and given a huge thing of chocolate. This country's kinda weird sometimes...

    Let us know how it plays out.

  2. thanks, Milla. I was hoping to hear from you on this one!

  3. Ostrich egg! They sell them in Berkeley at the local farmers market...noting is more awesome then painting a giant egg.

  4. ever since i learned that the easter bunny's origins lie in wiccan/pagan beliefs, i am down for celebrating. as my parents did for me --at least in good times-- we write clues for the kids, taking them on a hunt around the house where they will eventually find their fabric baskets containing a small token or two (no candy, though).
    i am sure that you will come up with something lovely and that you all will have a ball!

  5. oooh! I love the idea of an ostrich egg! genius!

  6. Maypole! I tie in every darn spring tradition into Easter. While my kids do get the easter basket- it has almost no candy in it. This year they're getting bubbles, stuffed animals, little bits of jewelry and a few of those little chocolate robin's eggs. We do the easter egg dying and hunt, too.

    We have a family shindig for the middle of the day, but afterwards we do a bonfire, run around it and sing a song. We do this at every holiday, though. It's just so pagan it cracks me up. If you can sort it out a maypole is incredibly fun, even if it's a few broom handles tied together and stuck in the ground with crepe ribbons. We love may poles.

    Lets see. We also get dressed up but that's because I relish the excuse. Yummy food, talking about spring and looking at the baby lambs next door (and the turkey vultures, eagles and hawks that circle them) new flowers, budding trees and everything else that is new with spring gets a moment in our conversation. It's pretty loose and I just toss in a mindfulness of spring into everything we do on easter day.

    Funnily enough Jesus doesn't get mentioned once. I enjoy a lot of Christian philosophy and my husband's family is Catholic but it just isn't right to co-opt a day that is an ancient celebration of spring to get all moonie about Jesus. Plus he loved the little children so I figure he's happy as long as they're happy. Hehe.

    Happy Spring pretty lady!

  7. yep. this holiday is firmly rooted in pagan tradition - not to mention every other culture around the world that absolutely insists on celebrating the return of spring.

    take into consideration the origin of the word easter. it is derived from the name Ä’ostre who is an anglo-saxon goddess of dawn associated with all new beginnings but particularly the spring equinox and its fecundity. i believe the words east and estrogen also have a relationship to this goddess. awwww yeah. this is all about the miracle of new life - ya know, bunnies and their sexual proclivities, eggs, babies of all sorts...

    my other favorite take on the holiday is directly connected to the whole jesus thing. because the celebration is technically in regards to his re-birth, i enjoy wishing people a happy re-birthday on easter since that is, ultimately, what it's about.

    lastly, i feel that pastels deserve a day of recognition too.

  8. upping the anti from just regular old rebirth easter is the celebration of resurrection, raising from the dead or like the phoenix from the ashes

  9. Mycie's teacher sprouts wheatgrass in a li'l basket for them and we all dye eggs with natural materials (beets, turmeric) and have a hunt. It's really sweet and fun. There is also a big farm celebration that happens here and I love getting to see all the new baby animals and making that part of it. We don't do the Easter Bunny or candy in our house, but her grandma does it at hers.

  10. We have a friend who makes Cascarones ( and hosts an egg hunt for the neighborhood kids each year. They're filled with confetti and some have money or a prize ticket where there's a table full of small toys and such to choose from as a prize. All the kids go inside while the grown-ups hide the eggs. It's always super fun :)

  11. whatever you do, don't try to make Ukrainian Easter eggs yet! so complicated - i haven't made them since i was a kid, but i'm giving it a go this year with a couple of friends.
    and for the little guy, an egg hunt is always fun, but just maybe make it a spring celebration. we take our Ukrainian Easter baskets to church to be blessed, but all of the traditions have pagan roots - including the eggs. bake some bread and celebrate spring. here's an article i just found -
    which tells you about the ancient symbols.
    happy spring!


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