Happy belated Easter! Many thanks to all you fine ladies, sisters, and mothers who commented on my Easter post. We ended up doing a little Easter-egg hunt for Asher in the garden - I filled plastic eggs with raisins and ginger candy, and he was thrilled. He had already planted grass seed in a basket at his school, so by Easter morning, the basket was full of live green grass. And, when given his neo-pagan pop-quiz, he passed with flying colors:

me: Okay, so Asher, what is Easter a celebration of?
asher (climbing up the doorframe): Spring and fertility!

I know I've been a bit absentee on the blog lately, but I'm feeling good this week and I think I'll have lots to share (and some time to share it).  I'm done traveling for a while, so I get to really focus on some stuff on the homefront - which is always my favorite thing to do.

Our garden is growing and there are flowers everywhere. The horse chestnut tree in front of my house is in full bloom and filled with bees, and the ground beneath it is covered in  pink petals. Here's me yesterday (resurrection exhibit a: the outfit post):

Asher's holding his little golden cat that he got in his Easter basket - it's one of those ones you see at Japanese restaurants that waves and waves. I'm wearing a thrifted tank top, a head scarf that I cut from an old vintage dress, and a soft, screen printed skirt from my friend Alicia. And, of course, my boots.

Yesterday I made myself my first meal with garden produce - I had enough chard to make lunch...and Asher's been devouring the strawberries as soon as they're red.

My favorite fast-meal lately has been poached eggs on chard, with or without avocado. So delicious. Here's how I do it:
  1. Wash and chop chard, and toss it in a heated, oiled skillet (I use olive or coconut oil).
  2. Sautee the chard, and lightly salt it while cooking. 
  3. Add a splash of tamari, and a splash of red wine vinegar
  4. Pull chard off the heat while it's still vibrant and green, before you over cook it (this happens fast!)
  5. Add poached eggs on top of your pile of chard
  6. Add avocado if desired
  7. Eat!
And finally, in further celebration of resurrection, I decided to pull my guitar out of the recesses of my closet. Hooray. I've hardly played at all since I moved, and I'm pretty rusty, but I'm feeling inspired to start again, so I know I need to take advantage of that feeling while I have it.

I grew up playing the piano, but only figured out the guitar a few years ago. In a burst of discovery, I learned quickly and spent late nights making terrible recordings of my new songs. It was really fun. Now I'm going to have to go back to square one, I think, and re-master the chords and callouses. And on that note (pun intended), I'll leave you with one of my aforementioned recordings, which I recently unearthed from my old files. In fact, if you want to hear all the songs from this era, I uploaded them to Soundcloud here (!!!).

Tell my girl by sadiedeluxe


  1. Oh beloveds, could there be a more beautiful surprise on an unsunny NW day than the two of you in your garden! Your chard looks amazing and ripe strawberries?!?!?! All Is got is leaves!! Tell Asher that I think he's a very lucky lad ;D

    Gosh it's so lovely to hear from you (pun intended) with pictures and music. You look radiant and lovely and yes: my future kid will totally have to answer to Neo-pagan quizzes like this.

    Big hugs and thank you for this lovely surprise. Email AND package are working their way to fruitition.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Im so impressed a kid that young had such a good response to what easter is about. One of my high school students thought bunnies laid eggs... oh my!
    Good luck with the guitar!

  3. you and asher are so ridiculously adorable i could eat you both wrapped up in chard! wonderful post, i have been lacking on the blog front myself, sigh, but hope to carve in some time this week. miss you and your purdy face!

  4. That's so funny; when we woke up Easter morning, my mister gave me a brief rundown of what Easter is for Pagans and it was fascinating. Being a Catholic school survivor, I never knew! It's so sweet and cute that Asher knows what's up :)

  5. So appropriate that your guitar was resurrected from the dead and that you have red strawberries in April. I love California. Great pics I sent the whole post to GG minus the song but I listened and can't wait to hear the new batch that is brewing in the fertile spring energy.

  6. You and Asher are just too cute! Thanks for the chard cooking inspiration, I've been needing some. It was super fun to hear your songs too!

  7. SADIE!! That was soooo lovely! Aww honey your sweet voice brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to hear more on Souldcloud. Don't stop playing that guitar babe. Our future girl band depends on it :-)


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