Leather wear

There are some harnesses available in my online shop now..... more soon! (she says hopefully, staring at the pile of work on her desk....)


  1. These pictures are the most amazing (I sometimes secretly look at them on your fbook ;). I love the one of their backs, with the dark-haired girl's tattoo, especially since I've thought for a long time about getting a circle tattooed on myself. I also want her bangs. So bad. And to be the kind of classy girl that can wear a Sadie-harness. But in the meantime just getting to look at the pics is pretty darn good. Big hug.

  2. oooooh. so gorg! what an amazing idea. i'm totally digging on old westerns right now so these are right up my alley. fantastic pictures, too!

  3. DO IT! More. Please.
    Milla's right, these pics are super duper hot n sassy.


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