Home again, home again

I'm home! And the sun is shining and the plants are growing and everything seems so very beautiful. I have way too much work to do, but I wanted to post a little hello to all of you. Here I am today wearing some good old fashioned blue jeans and a reconstructed one-shoulder doily-collar tee shirt by Nicole. When I am rich and famous I will only wear Flaming Hag, I swear.

Can you see my little plantlings in the background? I'm so excited about the garden experiment. And the other day I found a canning pot at the thrift store for $8.

How was my trip? (You may ask....) I think it is best said like this:

Cheers to home & family, lemonade and sunshine, Wednesdays that feel like Mondays, and the beloved movement of life.


  1. WHAT is that fabulous wooden haven your are in??? Looks like a magazine ad! And I too am feeling the wonder of little seedlings sprouting in my salsa garden. I keep snipping away at my generous cilantro plant and she just keeps making more!!! The shirt by Nicole is RAD! I'd love to do a yo yo tank top one of these days.... one of these days! ha
    Happy Wednesday!!!

  2. So the title? Reference to Hem's album of the same name? I'm so excited for your garden. And agree totally on the Flaming Hag Folkwear clothing-the choice of stylish ladies everywhere. Love it. When I'm rich and famous, I'll hire Nicole to be my personal stylish. Now how to get rich and famous...
    Yeah do tell, where did you go? I agree with Nicky, looks fab. You and Asher are adorable. ♡

  3. The wooden haven is my friend leah's bay area abode. amazing! she's on the bed with Asher. milla - title was ringing in my head as "home again, home again, jiggety jig." -- i think it's a nursery rhyme? ♡

  4. What a sweet treat! I can't believe someone actually lives there.

    I say the title words just about every time Mycie and I pull up to our house :-)

    Okay you inspired me to post about the shirt I got from Nicole, gonna go get that up...

  5. I adore that top, it is beautiful.

    Glad you enjoyed your break. And good luck with your plantlings, I was thinning radish seedlings yesterday. It isn't rock and roll but I like it

  6. Oh man, I better ramp up my efforts to become rich and famous so I can snag Nicole as my personal stylist before the rest of you, Haha!

    Your off-the-shoulder shirt is soooo cute, and I'm sure made even cuter by you wearing it!

    Your friend's home is DROP DEAD AMAZING, I want to go nap in that bed right now!!!

  7. So much to say about such a little post!
    I was just thinking about that top a few days ago--I am so glad that you got it. You look gorgeous!
    Speaking of gorgeous, that your friend's place is truly truly awesome.
    Off to catch up on your other new posts....


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