Last night I used good ole' to select a lucky winner for the earring giveaway.

 As I scrolled through to count who the number would land me on, I started feeling sort of sad that I can't send ALL of you a pair of earrings. Because I am so, so grateful to you ladies for coming here, reading, engaging, commenting, and loving. I've had this blog for a pretty long time now, and it brings me much joy & inspiration - and so I want to say thank you all so much. Truly.

Sooooo for the giveaway, I got number 14:

Which means Cat wins the earrings!

Again, true & heartfelt appreciation to all of you for entering. I promise there will be more earrings and more giveaways in the future. And Cat - please email me with your address so I can get these beauties in the mail.

(photo source)


  1. we love you even if you don't shower us with feathery gifts, miss sadie. <3 i'll admit to popping into your shop just to admire your goods like i was at a museum looking at art. you've got skills, lady. oh! which reminds me. i found this itty bitty black leather vest that is WAAAAY too small for me, and i thought of you and got it anyway. i thought you might like it and it would be a great starter piece for some of your leather embellishments. send me your address on facebook so i can mail it to ya!

  2. Congrats to Cat, lucky girl!

  3. Lucky Cat, these are amazing.


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