busy busy like the bee...

I have so much to do! I'm sorry for the minimal and mildly boring blog posts this week, but I know you understand. Like everything in life, this, too, ebbs and flows. I uploaded a few more final harnesses last night, along with a few new shirts. And I have oh-so-many photographs of more beautiful dresses, just waiting for the right combination of time and energy so that they may be presented to all of you.

Happy Friday!

blue buddha burning man outfit (not new - but i edited the photo & think someone needs this this year!)
simple brown leather harness
bohemian maiden crop blouse
tooled & braided leather carlos harness (click on link to see where it gets its name...)
sweet lace bolero shrug
crystal dragon harness


  1. Aw, the lacy shrug is darling!

  2. SADIE! Marry me!!!!!!!!
    And, can you reserve the Carlos harness. Dude, I think Im in love. And I think her name is Sadie.

  3. There's a few things that make my eye twinkle in there....hmmm.
    You're awesome and creative- enjoy the business, little bee!

  4. Love the details on that tooled leather harness- the bull head :D And that last picture is pretty much amazing! Happy Sunday!

  5. Oh man, I am bummed I missed those two harnesses!!
    Darlin' you are rockin' it right outta the park. Kisses.


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