The Year of the Yang Metal Rabbit :: 2011

Dear friends - this is information from one of my dearest and oldest friends, Leah Barlow. I have left it entirely intact and it is all written by her. It is beautifully articulated and remarkably useful....I thought many of you might appreciate it at this time. And it is on this note that I leave you for a joyful weekend (text below the image is all from Leah. Art by Andrew Jones):

As requested I have written a synopsis of this year’s portents according to the Chinese zodiac as taken from Liu Ming’s annual presentation on the subject.  Many thanks to Liu Ming for his generosity of knowledge, depth of wisdom, and brilliant dark humor. Please visit his website if you’re inclined to find out more about him or his teachings:

The Year of the Yang Metal Rabbit :: 2011

As we move out of the Metal Tiger, we find that Metal Rabbit still presents us with an elemental conflict – Wood is Rabbit’s native element.  Metal destroys wood.  Therefore the full potential of Rabbit is not actualized or is tainted. – We have been in elementally conflicting signs of the zodiac for 7 years, hence bad leadership, criticism, and insecurity.

Meanwhile, there is great potential for peace (Rabbits are peacemakers).  The key to this potential lies in the Gan Ying principle which is basically the principle of reciprocity – as within, so without – collectively we’ve become disempowered and morbid, blameful and fearful.  This energy is used by inappropriate leaders to stay in power.  Change can be implemented by addressing this internal dialogue. Choose hope and empowerment! Lead by example, but keep it practical and within your area of influence so as not to become overwhelmed and resort back to hopelessness. In order to get new leadership we need to provide the correct environment for change (not blamefulness and disappointment).  Even self-criticism will only perpetuate the problem.  Instead examine your natural capacity and ACT!

Rabbit is about small group mentality (they keep to the rabbit’s den).  This is where the energy will be focused this year – family, community, locality.  Make alliances and tighten your circle now to prepare for the tremendous opportunity ahead (the year of the Dragon!)

We will see this focus on local identity play out in the political sphere – problems will tend to be internal rather than global (Egypt, Libya, Bahrain). There will be more ethic clashes and challenges of leadership than international disputes.  In general, Rabbits avoid confrontation, but because of the elemental balance this generality might not hold true – especially in the first quarter of the year.

Ultimately the chi of the Rabbit is down and in.  It’s a good year for solitude and self-reflection.  Try cultivating a meditation practice – you might find it easier than you have in the past. The most beneficial practices will be the simple and gentle ones (like Chi Gong).

Don’t be too fanciful or grandiose in any undertaking – take care of yourself & enjoy the little things.
Domesticity is especially appealing in a Rabbit year. Entertainment will tend toward the home where there is a sense of comfort and safety (not to mention family).

Those born in a rabbit year are peacemakers especially in the context of the family.  They will have a particularly strong bond with the mother, perhaps because of their intuitive nature.

In fact, one of Rabbit’s biggest claims to fame is its intuitive nature. Intuition is the ability to sense that which is not necessarily on the surface.  Rabbits recognize subtlety, hidden meanings, and the subliminal and they act based on this knowledge.  People with intuitive powers may find that they get more recognition for their intuition in a Rabbit year.  Pay attention to your own intuition and don’t be afraid to use it.

We will also see this shift from the obvious to the subtle in the fact that those who tend to operate “behind the scenes” (advisors, assistants, consultants) will be the ones wielding the real power this year.

Some things to be mindful of:

Security is a central concern for Rabbit.  Even romance will be informed by Rabbit’s necessity for security – if they feel a relationship does not offer them a sense of security (financial or otherwise) they will be tempted to leave.  Gift giving is especially effective this year as gifts are a gesture of security and alliance. Also, generosity is especially enabling this year – implement generosity so that people have an opportunity to activate their capabilities.

Because of the diminished chi of a rabbit year, Immunity will be compromised.  Minor infections can escalate easily, so take care of your self and rest often.  Also, surgery is particularly risky this year – especially if it’s unnecessary.  At the very least, make sure you know and trust your surgeon.

Lastly, do not forget the importance of cultivating a positive attitude and leading by example.  Abolish criticism and blame of yourself, your government and the media and replace it with action and hope.  This personal choice will affect change more than anything else you can do right now.


  1. Wow. I've reread this post a few times, there is so much interesting information in it. I'm going to be thinking about Rabbits and being family-centric. Are you and Asher still reading tarot cards before bed?

  2. hi claire - isn't it so great? i need to remember to read it often. yes, we have been reading tarot cards before bed still! except on the busy nights when i'm just too darn tired. xoxo

  3. Hmm, I'm finding the paragraph about intuition especially intriguing and exciting. Also, with our package exchange in the works, the part about gift giving made me smile :)

    Not to mention how powerful the final paragraph is, a wonderful reminder, thanks for re-posting!


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