snapshots from the road. and life.

As promised, here are a few photos from my short trip to Oregon last week. Asher was an expert traveler and for that I am so very impressed and grateful.

in the car, heading north on I-5. sunglasses? check.
goldendoodle & balloon
boxer buns
The trip was a lot of relaxing - which is one of our favorite things to do. I also, of course, got to see a handful of my favorite girls in the world. Asher talked everyone into playing cards with him - both tarot and regular - and it was fun to be "back in the city" now that I've been a small town girl for a whole year. A few more random shots...

photo by asher - new earrings from Catherine!
sophie - by asher
mirror mirror

 We stayed in both Eugene and Portland and I went to as many thrift stores as I possibly could in those few days - I came home with a huge bag of vintage and had to ship a giant box home as well! Here are a few peeks at the new textiles:

ummm, hello cactus house dress
piles and piles
omg tiger swimsuit
 Asher and I took the overnight train home to Chico from Eugene, and I was so loaded down with luggage - I was of course promising myself never to carry this many clothes again. This happens every single time I travel. Luckily there were lots of nice people this time and various strong persons helped me carry a bag now and then. And at the end of the trip, we had hardly set foot off the train when we were met by man, truck, & new puppy....which is certainly one way to make a 6 am arrival a bit more bearable.

baby dog & big dog
I know there are more photos from Portland, but they're on Sophie's phone and I don't have them yet. We did drink hella Stumptown coffee and eat some Voodoo Donuts. Booyah. I'm so glad to be home, and Asher and I have been planting lots of flowers and doing lots of laundry. And on an unrelated and final note, I have been living in and loving these thrifted Minnetonka moccasin loafers (SO. COMFY) and this vintage sweater coat I found in Eugene for 6 bucks. It's lined in shearling and is freakishly warm.


  1. What a happy trip! Asher is too cool! It can be so hard for kids to sit still in a car. What a trooper. He was probably planning his strategy for card games... And what a cool surprise that you wear glasses too (Heather and I are very near-sighted it turned out, Missa too, but she's not like blind ;). Next time I head to Portland I want some travel tips please. Oh and Eugene had like the best good will ever when we were there. It was hands down just all real vintage and ridiculously cheap. Happy to see you home safe and sound.

  2. so glad to have you back! looks like a great trip. i am filled with envy of your thrift shopping adventure. great pics! xoxo

  3. Asher is such a total cutie. I'm so excited for my toddler boy to become a little boy. Yay for your blog! I love learning more about you, you are such a lovely lady.

  4. i love that kid. he's got the same twinkle in his eyes that you have. it must be really special, having that one on one bond with him, like partners in crime on your road trip.

  5. You are such a doll.
    I can't wait to see the new goodies.
    Oh and, yes, omg tiger swimsuit!

  6. ummmm, i loved all of this, every single photo is a dream.


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