she promised me spring

It is sunny today! I am overjoyed and filled (finally) with the light I've been longing for. Well actually, to be honest, I managed to find the light all on my own, even through the rain, last week. So now the sunshine is a delicious, golden bonus. With springtime high-tailing it into my world, I've been doing lots of the usual spring things - cleaning, writing, crying, loving, planning, etc. A new project this year is going to be my first-ever bona-fide vegetable garden. Thanks to some lovely, hard-working boys I know, I now have 4 custom built raised-garden beds in the front of my house (the back is too shady). We put the beds right next to my patch of rose bushes (aka my rose farm):

Over the course of about 2 days, thanks to mild breaks in the torrential downpour, the beds were built and fenced in all their dirt-filled beauty.

I have never had a garden, as I mentioned above - so I know I'm going to learn a lot this year - and probably make a lot of mistakes. I'm grateful to lots of you ladies reading this who keep your own blogs with gardening tips - I'm reading all of them and taking it all in. Asher is very excited, and I am, too.  He and his little neighbor bff had lots of fun hanging out during the final building push yesterday....bouncing and running (as usual - it is REMARKABLE how very much little boys will run & bounce. And run & bounce. And yell).

So my dear friends and readers, do not hesitate to fill my comment thread with tips and tricks on gardening! I will share some of the fruits of my labor (ha) with you as the seasons progress. Over on the other side of my front yard I've planted lots of flowering plants that call in the bees and the humming birds.

And finally, on an unrelated but important note, I wore my OMG-amazing 1970s levis gaucho overalls from Nicole this weekend. And my giveway necklace from her, as well. Super stylin' cute sauce.

Everything I'm wearing in these photos is vintage, save for the American Apparel tee shirt. My coat & boots are some of my oldest beloved vintage staples - and I'm not sure how much longer they'll live - but I'm determined to wear them until they absolutely fall apart.

Wishing all of you bright spring light and productivity and love. xo


  1. Have you made a list of what you want to plant? Share! Are you going to start from seeds or get started plants? We have a great gardening book you can come over and check it out if you want. :)

  2. um.
    those overalls. seriously. wow. i keep scrolling up to see them again. so amazing.
    also, what IS it with boys and yelling. EVERYTHING MUST BE EXPRESSED AT A VERY LOUD VOLUME!
    yer gawgeous as usual.<3

  3. I'm in possession of my first garden ever this year too! Can't wait to read about your exploits. Those overalls are absolutely insane. Perfect for farmer lady!

  4. yay for gardening and you in your overalls!

  5. Super stylin' cute sauce! Damn girl. Goddamn.
    I believe you were wearing those boots and that jacket when we met, yes??
    The boys are so cute! I wish Mycie had a neighborhood bff!
    Way to go all out for your first garden. I mean, doing it legit style with the well constructed raised beds and all. Do keep us updated.

  6. Your gardening style rocks! OHEMEFGEE. I love it. As for gardening tips, other than what I've already dispensed, I'd say have no fear. For every bed of staples that you know you're gonna want, plant something fun. I'm sure you'll be introducing Asher to this delight, nothing to drive home the food-work-beauty connection than his very own lettuces, or radishes or carrots. Or maybe a few strawberry plants ;)

  7. 'Sunsets Edible Garden'? Do ya got it. fab book!
    Oh! Also , 'The 4 season harvest'

  8. you are so cute! loved all these pictures. you rock those gauchos so well...

  9. Ok, my passion for overalls is hitting overload right about now!!! Those things are AMAZING! Also, when I picture the perfect pair of boots in my head, I see yours.

    I love it when people have vegetable gardens in their front yards, it seems to be becoming more popular at least around my area. It's fun to go on neighborhood walks and see the what people are growing and I just think it looks so lovely too. Best of luck to you with your very first garden, how exciting!

  10. We are going to do a shared garden up the road this year at our neighbor's house (she has sun, deer fencing, and raised beds- it is a lot of work to get all three of those things, come to find out). I used to garden a LOT in the Bay Area, but I never did veggies... so here is my non-veggie list of super-easy and satisfying (edible) things to grow! 1. strawberries 2. parsley 3. borage (you can eat the flowers in salads! yum!) 4. nasturtiums Good luck, girl! (-:


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