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Apologies for being a bit slow on the posting lately, but sometimes life happens faster than blogs. Today I've composed for you a nice random stew of images and thoughts and poured all of it in this blog post. First, here I am this very morning fully wrapped in purple. This shirt is from Skyline Fever on Etsy, and I just did a trade for some earrings and got this very darling, soft, flutter-sleeve tee in return. I imagine I will wear it endlessly. Etsy barter win, once again! The skirt is a reconstructed American Apparel dress, boots are my vintage dailies, and tights are from F21.

Speaking of Etsy, I was recently possessed by some spirit that convinced me to buy underwear on Etsy. I have always sworn this off for a few reasons - the main one being that boutique underwear is NOT a justifiable expense. Further, I have loads of cute panties, and my man is generally more impressed by my naked bunz than bunz enrobed in any sort of fancy knickers. But I digress - I recently bought these, all the way from the Ukraine, and they arrived yesterday in their full handmade glory, and packaged with love.

They came in a custom-embroidered, handmade bag! Made with so much love, I could see quite clearly. And you know what, ladies? Even with shipping, this ended up being cheaper than a pair of fancy skivvies at Victoria's Secret. I am so pleased with my purchase. (During my same bout of illogical panty-purchasing, I also got these, and these).

On a more general note, Asher is still enthralled with the Tarot, and has begun drawing his own deck. Our new deal is that every night we can read about 5 cards each while we are going through the deck. This means we read about 20 cards per night. And by "read about" - I actually mean "look up in the book" - I haven't done any actual intuitive readings with him yet, though he's clearly providing me with some pretty thorough lessons in Tarot cards that I truly appreciate.

Finally, it is official - spring has sprung. Exactly two days ago I begun to hear the swirling singing of birds in the morning. So much chirping that the sound is thick and tangible, like a bright blanket in the sky. My trees have begun blossoming and the bees are here, buzzing and throbbing in their devotion to the season of hard work.

And this, my friends, is no less exciting than it was last year. Dusk lingers longer now, the bugs are marching out with renewed vigor, and the greenery unfurls in confident splendor. My own heart lifts with that universal lightness - the strings begin to vibrate slowly and in unison - cementing the certainty that in each of us, the whole world exists.

(May this season bring each of you this same glowing lightness and richness in bloom).


  1. You are absolutely right, Spring is a gift every year. I'm so happy to hear that you and Asher (great name, by the way) are working through the Tarot together. Regardless of spiritual affinity the Tarot is chock full of symbols and archetypes. I believe that it is important to recognize these overarching themes in our lives, our interactions with others, in art and in the media.


  2. Those Tarot cards are amazingly cute... can Asher give me a Tarot reading someday???

    PS. My mister's name is Mark. He was super excited to tell me about talking to you, too :)

  3. I am totally in love with your purple outfit! You look so sassy and confident... great boots to!
    PS: My nose always knows when spring is on the way, I can't stop sneezing!

  4. i just can't get over how stinkin' cute you are! serious girl crush! i love your outfit, the tights sealed the deal. great posting as always. i so thoroughly enjoy a peak into your soul.xoxox

  5. i LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! and yes i am yelling. that is how much i love it. all that purple and that shirt is freaking awesome. love the sleeves. and i am a sucker for mini skirts and boots. you are gorgeous.
    you and asher totally inspired me to get out my tarot cards and show them to my kiddo. i just posted a post on that very subject, and linked to your post on your little nighttime ritual. <3

  6. All you ladies make me smile. Brigit, I'm heading over right now to read your post! Hooray for mamas in boots and babes with tarot. Miz Dahl - you will be first in line when he goes pro!

    And I could not agree more with Claire. The Tarot is such a good way to teach these children (and ourselves) about deep fundamental truths that exist timelessly amongst creation.

    Much love and joy to all of you!!

  7. You are so freaking cute. I love the whole tale of the undies, I do, especially since I've been wondering about that. Your nighttime ritual with Asher, is amazing and continues to get more so, what a beautiful thing for the both of you-learning together, teaching each other.

  8. I adore everything about this post. The outfit is amazing. I'm glad to hear about your positive undie-buying experience on Etsy (been contemplating getting some myself). And Asher loving the Tarot is just about the raddest thing I've ever heard!

  9. Adorable purple get up and trading on Etsy, huh? Didn't know about that. I just made my first two Etsy purchases the other day. Figured it was time to give back to the community :D I've been selling since last April and wondered what they go through at check out (quite simple really!!!). So I'm awaiting my iron on transfer pencils (for embroidery) and a cute skirt! Can't wait to see the packaging too cause I wonder how other people are doing it! That handmade-name stitched panty case is fantastic!!!! Glad you're happy with your purchase! :D

  10. I am old enough to be your mother! ha ha but I had to let you know about a book I'm reading by a friend of CS Lewis, Charles Williams called The Greater's interesting...I wish I'd had a mum who shared the tarot with me!

  11. i am so glad you love my hubby's shirt, it looks so stunning on you! seriously, perfection. thank you for sharing, cant wait to show james! and i am just as in love with my earrings, best pair i own! wonderful trade, thank you! xoxo.

  12. That is the cutest tee! I love love love its swingy shape. Ooh, and what a pretty bunch of panties :)

    Asher's tarot drawings are so great, he's such a creative little man!

    Wow, your description of the coming of Spring has me feeling all giddy inside with anticipation, I'm so ready for it.

    Here's to safe and happy travels, can't wait to hear more!


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