things that have been, and things to come

Here are a few photos of the treasures I have sitting in my small (yet beloved) photographing corner of the house. I have loads of vintage dresses that I've not yet listed, and lots of Lost Boys & Lovers gear that I photographed with some girlfriends over the weekend. So much left to be organized and measured, but as always, we must take it one day at a time.

dresses dresses dresses

rainbow warrior headdress (listed soon)

jewelz & things


behind the backdrop

Rachel & Cabrina in traveler hoops w/fringe
I took yesterday off, lavishing in the joy of a three-day weekend with Asher. This morning, on the other hand, I'm also lavishing in the joy of morning coffee and endless lists and prioritization of the many tasks at hand.

Also, on another note, I did get to spend a small sliver of time this weekend with a large and powerful contingent of amazing women. I did not bring my camera, but there were at least four that recorded various moments of the evening....I am waiting for these to surface, and then I will spill both images and words about it on my blog.

Nicole gives a hint here:

"and speaking of birds being drawn together (or something like that, i need a segue...), i just spent part of my weekend with a beautiful group of bloggers,"

 And I leave you with this photo (also borrowed from Nicole) as an appetizer:

To you ladies who were there, my heart is filled with gratitude and love (and of course, a hunger for more).


  1. One day at a time. Indeed.

    Can't wait to see the shoes.

    I can't even begin to articulate what our time together meant to me. Good thing my camera battery died and I won't even be able to upload pics for a while. I really just need to take it all in. So wonderful. So glad you came.

  2. oh how i loved being together with you girls. i am still absorbing it all too, and kind of basking in the sisterly feeling it left in my heart. so good.

    it's inspiring to see your photographing corner! i always wonder where and how people work. looks like a lovely process, no wonder your pictures always come out looking so light and pretty.

  3. The head dress is amazin! And the ladies, oh so pretty :)


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