these magic moments

I mentioned last week that I had connected for a bright and glittering moment with a handful of magical women down in Nevada City. Well, each of us was from various places, but the group gathered for a night down there, and I was able to travel down and spend some time. These ladies:

had all been traipsing through various parts of Northern California like a band of modern gypsies. What a beautiful bunch!! My goodness!

I drove down and met them at the National Hotel, where Asher got instantly sick and tearful, and the rooms wallowed in old, old energy. The National is a beautiful, big, cold, and creepy building. Nonetheless, Asher napped through our dinner at a Thai restaurant (thank you, pillow dining), and I brought him to the cottage of women who convinced me to put him in Milla's bed while I spent a few moments with them. Thank you all for being so firm about bringing me in! Once seated, it was hard to tear myself away. Asher napped some more, then woke up and began bouncing on the bed right away with the other children.

Here are a few fuzzy photos from Nicole's blog that captured some of the time I was there:

The crew at the National. An abundance of vintage goodness & beautiful hair.
Back at the cottage. I love how Missa & Clover sit as the golden-haired centerpiece amongst us darker-haired girls!
Did I say enough about our hair? It was ridiculous, the amount of beautiful hair between all of us. And there was also a crew of bearded men taking all these photos!

After some honeywine and heart-filling conversation, I finally scooped up Asher to take him home. I couldn't bring myself to stay in the National since it seemed so weird and his fever had gripped him tightest there. So, with a luminous glow, we headed home.

And I have not stopped thinking about all of them since.


p.s. thank you girls for taking these photos!

p.p.s. for more sides to this sweet story, visit Nicole, Amber, Heather, or Missa. Heather has a wonderfully long version of the tale, complete with many photos - like this one of me and Milla!

Milla has yet to tell her version, but she does speak here about the current oppression that Planned Parenthood is facing. You should read that, too.


  1. Yay! I am sooooo anxious to get my new camera battery and be able to upload my photos (such good ones) and tell a long, long tale.

    I know, the hair! I haven't regretted cutting a foot off my hair back in September until that night.

  2. i can't wait to see your photos, amber! graham was so on it, too, taking lots of photos. you guys are cute. ima come down there soon and see you.

  3. Oh Sadie, thank you for your sweetness. One of the things that I'm definitely gonna talk about in my post is how I love every photo of every moment from this trip no matter how spazzy I look in them. I love that we were so happy to be just talking that sometimes (though not often) we forgot all about it.I wish I had a better one of the two of us though, but NEXT TIME we'll be on it.

    And Amber, you have beautiful hair.

  4. Me and my fuzzy photos (even when hubby takes them), it just wouldn't be me without them ;)

    Off to check out your new post, you are so prolific I can't keep up!

  5. "the golden-haired centerpiece" -Awwww.

    I have so many photos you guys, so many photos. I will get them up, I will!

    Also, YES, super serious hair love goin' on for this group. Amber, your hair is super duper cute this length.

    Again Sadie, so glad to have met you and I'm totally looking forward to our package swap!


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