A successful evening of collaboration and inspiration

As many of you know, last Friday was the big day (finally) for my Delta of Venus event, which I'd been working on (in conjunction with a few other bad ass mamas) for a few weeks. The event was, without a doubt, a success! The venue (360 Ecotique) was packed for the first half of the show, leaving little room to even walk around. The crowd thinned a little bit later, but remained constant and the flow was good. The show was anchored by 5 remarkably talented women, each offering up her own craft. Keeping it all woven together were some beautiful downtempo beats provided by some sweet local boys. There was a cute girl serving wine, a gypsy woman in the back reading tarot cards, and a general swirl of well-dressed, beautiful people throughout.

Personally, I was thrilled to bring all these ladies together, to meet a few new key players, and to successfully create the exact vibe I had been envisioning. Success!

Here are some photos from the daytime set up - Mari brought endless flowers and we all set up our corners:
Clearing out the (beautiful) space

Kodo Fragrances

Adorn by Mari

My little corner of the world
Many thanks to Amber, for documenting the journey with her camera, as I failed to do so. For tons of photos and more stories, check out her blog entry about it. And I have endless gratitude for everyone who helped with this!! Thank you all so much!! (These next photos are all borrowed from Amber):

Renouveau Clothing
The outside!
Settin' it up

And here are some photos from the event (also borrowed from Amber - thanks lady!)

Sea of people
Me & Miss Jaime
Mari & Cabrina
Laura (in Renouveau Heirloom dress) & Amy (in Renouveau crown)


  1. oh mah goodness! why did I miss such an awesome event.girl, Im diggin on your goods. totally want to purchase a piece of jewelry from you! yah! Happy Valentines day! *smooch*

  2. you are the sweetest. next time! or hell, let's do one in your neck of the woods!!


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