Shop life

Whew! My event last night was awesome - thank you to all my supporters and collaborators...I will do a real post on the event on Monday. I'm excited to have more time now to work on my online shop again....hopefully I'll be posting lots of stuff this week. Here are a few things I managed to get in there last week between all the other stuff:

  1. Softspoken - vintage silk knit Christian Dior top
  2. The Mistress - brown medallion maxi dress
  3. The Lavender Fields - open knit sweater top
  4. The Peacock Queen - keyhole maxi dress


  1. That first Christian Dior top with the ties on the shoulders is AMAZING!!!! Happy v-day!!! :D

  2. I bought the Peacock Queen dress and looooove it!

  3. I also got another short one that I love very clothes to as much as the Peacock Queen but will probably wear more often, since it's easier to warm up/dress down around with sweaters and other things.

    Eagerly waiting the next update - what is that cream colored knit with the grey stripe peaking out in that post above> ;-)

  4. hey heather! it is a thick-knit cozy cardigan. so cute! i will list it hopefully in the next week or so. xoxox

  5. Ha ha just saw that I wrote "very clothes to as much"! Freudian slips crack me up. Also dress down around - do I speak English??


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