Dear Friday, I love you

For me, Friday's matter. While I don't subscribe to an average 9-5 lifestyle, weekdays are nonetheless filled with work and school, packing lunches and driving everywhere, swim classes, and so on. Friday marks the beginning of my beloved days of rest. Here are a few photos from my week for a Friday post.

Here I am a couple days ago wearing a glorious exaggerated batwing sweater (vintage) with bell jeans, vintage boots and vintage belt. Simple but cute.

Sunshine & happiness:

And our latest nighttime ritual, which is Asher's favorite (uhh, mom? can we go through your tarot cards?). I shuffle, he cuts, and then we each pull a card until it's done.

Happy weekend!


  1. that is the best nighttime ritual EVER! the kid's a little WIZARD. and you in your glorious batwings could be the perfect mystical enchantress companion!
    happy friday sweet girl!

  2. Yay for mother/son tarot! That's pretty cool that he's so into it. I really enjoyed meeting the two of you as well, what a bummer that things had to be cut short. Hope your sweet boy recovered quickly.

    Here's to our paths crossing at future sisterly get-togethers!

    P.S. Your jewelry designs are amazing, I was admiring Milla's amethyst bullet necklace all week :)

  3. Missa - yes, here's to that, indeed! many thanks for the kind words. xo

  4. i think your outfit is more than simple and cute, AND the beauty that you are makes any outfit sparkle. i LOVE my new harness. you are amazing. i adore you! xoxox

  5. Happy Weekend my dear! I'm so glad I got to spend a little sliver of time with you (and that Heather got one snap of us together). Getting to witness all you guyses kids was awesome. You and Asher have an amazing bond, in your witchy ways. So sweet.

    Lots of love.


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