these magic moments

I mentioned last week that I had connected for a bright and glittering moment with a handful of magical women down in Nevada City. Well, each of us was from various places, but the group gathered for a night down there, and I was able to travel down and spend some time. These ladies:

had all been traipsing through various parts of Northern California like a band of modern gypsies. What a beautiful bunch!! My goodness!

I drove down and met them at the National Hotel, where Asher got instantly sick and tearful, and the rooms wallowed in old, old energy. The National is a beautiful, big, cold, and creepy building. Nonetheless, Asher napped through our dinner at a Thai restaurant (thank you, pillow dining), and I brought him to the cottage of women who convinced me to put him in Milla's bed while I spent a few moments with them. Thank you all for being so firm about bringing me in! Once seated, it was hard to tear myself away. Asher napped some more, then woke up and began bouncing on the bed right away with the other children.

Here are a few fuzzy photos from Nicole's blog that captured some of the time I was there:

The crew at the National. An abundance of vintage goodness & beautiful hair.
Back at the cottage. I love how Missa & Clover sit as the golden-haired centerpiece amongst us darker-haired girls!
Did I say enough about our hair? It was ridiculous, the amount of beautiful hair between all of us. And there was also a crew of bearded men taking all these photos!

After some honeywine and heart-filling conversation, I finally scooped up Asher to take him home. I couldn't bring myself to stay in the National since it seemed so weird and his fever had gripped him tightest there. So, with a luminous glow, we headed home.

And I have not stopped thinking about all of them since.


p.s. thank you girls for taking these photos!

p.p.s. for more sides to this sweet story, visit Nicole, Amber, Heather, or Missa. Heather has a wonderfully long version of the tale, complete with many photos - like this one of me and Milla!

Milla has yet to tell her version, but she does speak here about the current oppression that Planned Parenthood is facing. You should read that, too.


vintage beauty

My mom gave me this beautiful book for Christmas, so I thought I'd share some of it with you fellow-lovers of vintage and women. A whole book published in the 1930s with photography of naked women. I love it.

Custom designs

Here are a couple custom designs I've been working on a couple shots of some beautiful ladies in my Lost Boys & Lovers harnesses:


Dear Friday, I love you

For me, Friday's matter. While I don't subscribe to an average 9-5 lifestyle, weekdays are nonetheless filled with work and school, packing lunches and driving everywhere, swim classes, and so on. Friday marks the beginning of my beloved days of rest. Here are a few photos from my week for a Friday post.

Here I am a couple days ago wearing a glorious exaggerated batwing sweater (vintage) with bell jeans, vintage boots and vintage belt. Simple but cute.

Sunshine & happiness:

And our latest nighttime ritual, which is Asher's favorite (uhh, mom? can we go through your tarot cards?). I shuffle, he cuts, and then we each pull a card until it's done.

Happy weekend!


Crushed velvet

Kennedy Holmes in sadieDELUXE crushed velvet leotard. I love her.

things that have been, and things to come

Here are a few photos of the treasures I have sitting in my small (yet beloved) photographing corner of the house. I have loads of vintage dresses that I've not yet listed, and lots of Lost Boys & Lovers gear that I photographed with some girlfriends over the weekend. So much left to be organized and measured, but as always, we must take it one day at a time.

dresses dresses dresses

rainbow warrior headdress (listed soon)

jewelz & things


behind the backdrop

Rachel & Cabrina in traveler hoops w/fringe
I took yesterday off, lavishing in the joy of a three-day weekend with Asher. This morning, on the other hand, I'm also lavishing in the joy of morning coffee and endless lists and prioritization of the many tasks at hand.

Also, on another note, I did get to spend a small sliver of time this weekend with a large and powerful contingent of amazing women. I did not bring my camera, but there were at least four that recorded various moments of the evening....I am waiting for these to surface, and then I will spill both images and words about it on my blog.

Nicole gives a hint here:

"and speaking of birds being drawn together (or something like that, i need a segue...), i just spent part of my weekend with a beautiful group of bloggers,"

 And I leave you with this photo (also borrowed from Nicole) as an appetizer:

To you ladies who were there, my heart is filled with gratitude and love (and of course, a hunger for more).


shameless self promotion

So. I've started a Facebook page for Lost Boys & Lovers. Come be a fan if you'd like!

(Photo: a tangle of Lost Boys & Lovers harnesses)

UPDATE: i think i fixed the link....but if not, you can scroll down and use the Facebook button on the right hand side of my blog. Thanks to Juste Venteaux!


i've seen fire and i've seen rain

Beltane bonfire, last year (May 2010). Thanks to Brandon for the photos.


bohemian madness

Bohemian fashion is taking over the internets. At least in my corner of the world it is. Today my embroidered 1970s Levis are featured in the Etsy Fashion email, along with lots of other beautiful pieces!