Vintage & handmade

Sorry to flood my blog with shop updates! But I always update at the wee hours when most people are sleeping or snuggling, so I like to post a morning re-cap of my busy evenings. More Lost Boys and vintage finery await you:

  1. Gypsy Rose No. 5 - upcycled fringed purse
  2. The Darling Duo - vintage thermos pair
  3. Summer Sun - hand-shredded t-shirt dress
  4. The Tiger - military messenger bag with tiger applique
  5. Guerilla - reconstructed pocket belt
  6. Down the River - vintage beaded choker
  7. Yes It's True - herringbone wool Pendleton cap
  8. The Hunter and the Hunted - classic wool Elmer Fudd cap
  9.  The Gold Digger Heels - hand-glittered platform pumps (SOLD)

1 comment:

  1. so.... when do you sleep?! ;)
    loving the pocket belt and beaded choker!


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