The season of gifts

I am such a lucky girl! This holiday season has been filled with so many gifts, I am truly grateful. I won Nicole's giveaway in December, as I mentioned, which was glorious. Then,  a week later, I won this giveaway at Wildfell Hall, and look what arrived in my mailbox today!!!

I also received a surprise package in the mail from Melissa at Stone & Smith - I will post photos of those treasures soon.... and I'm working on a trade with Milla, too. Thank you ladies for your generosity and your eye for beauty, and for keeping my heart warm in these cold months. xo


  1. gorgeous! I really do love that necklace! wonderful. can't wait to see the outfit to show it off!

  2. I tried for that one too...Lucky girl...congrats :)

  3. oh sweetheart what a lovely post thank you so much, wear it well! xxx

  4. I love that necklace! What a sweet thing to wear for January too!


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