over the river and through the woods

Winter weather everywhere! And here is another outfit post for you, my dearest readers.

Last week I left my rainy hometown and headed for some very cold and snowy mountain lands. I grew up in the snow, but I am still always surprised at how alarmingly cold it is! My fingers and nose! My toes!! Luckily I was well-prepared, well-housed, and well-fed. Here I am right before we loaded into the car to take off:

These boots were a recontsruction prokect of mine - they started out like this - just a regular old pair of Minnetonka fringe boots. I wasn't sold on way they fit, however, so I folded them over to make them into shorties. They looked better, but I still wanted a little something else. I then took a strip of sheepskin that I had saved from a steering wheel cover (it had lost its stretch and kept falling off my steering wheel) and added a fur cuff to each boot. And voila! My new boots. (I learned, however, on this very day that these boots are NOT waterproof).

Everything else I'm wearing is a nice collection of collected basics:

Juicy Couture cut-off jeans - clothing swap
Zipper leggings - Ross
Purple tee - clothing swap
Green Old Navy sweater - hand-me-down
Down hooded parka - Buffalo Exchange in Portland

Guitar string hoop earrings - Plucking Pendants
Silver/gemstone dangle earrings - Stone & Smith

(I like to double up my earrings a lot. I used to have my ears pierced at a 2-gauge, so now the holes are big enough for me to cram at least two regular earrings in there!)

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  1. I love the boots recon - they look very snug, despite the little bit of water leakage. And the rest of your outfit is a fine mix and match of basics. Like x


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