On fringe, and finding beauty

Fringe purses are so in, y'all. Tonight I happened to head over to Urban Weeds to browse through the beauty files. Admittedly, I had nearly forgotten about Urban Weeds. I used to look at it often, but now I forget for long periods of time - which is actually nice because then there are more images to look through. My one complaint about Urban Weeds used to be that I felt their posting was sparse. (Feed me more!)

Two of the recent street-style features boast fringe purses:

Eden Dawn

And as I'm sure you all know, I've been making some fringe purses, one of which is still available in my shop:

I had some more in there, but they are now on the live racks at 360 Ecotique. So if you're local to Chico, head over there. Also....Lost Boys & Lovers will be hosting an event on February 11 at the ecotique - so save the date and come by. There will be fringe galore. And feathers. And lots and lots of wearable beauty. More on this SOOOON (hint: behind the scenes at gypsy photo shoot, buying guide, and more).

I've been fringing up more purses and pretty much anything that I can get my hands (and rivets) on, so expect more listings like that soon, as well.

Finally, on an unrelated note... I found these photos (also on Urban Weeds) and this one, in particular, stopped me breathless in my tracks. There are some women who are so beautiful that sometimes I am struck in awe. Ah, the timeless power of beautiful women....


...I say cheers to that. xo

p.s. all photos of fine ladies in this post are (c) urban weeds


  1. girl!!!!!!!!!!!! you must have read my mind. i literally spent 3 hours online looking for a fringe purse, and nothing was up to my standards. i look forward to checking out all your stuff!!

  2. If you happen to make a purple fringe one let me know...I'll gladly purchase it ;)

  3. You are so talented! Keep up the good work sister- maybe take a pic of you and your fringed purse? It's just too cute not to be modeled.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Thanks for featuring Urban Weeds! Fringe is great. I'm kind of crazy about all those purses. Oh bags, can't get too many.



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