Oh yes i did

After nearly a year of lusting, I couldn't resist when Lisa alerted me to the super deal they were having over at the site. Finding them for less than $100 is so hard...and I am the queen of bargain hunters!

Anyway, here we are. Giant platform shoes. How odd it is to lust so terribly after something branded by America's own Jessica Simpson. Alas, blogosphere, I love you so but your temptations are so tricky!

images from here, here, and here


  1. Ah!!! To die for! Share a pic of you styling them!


  2. i want a pair!!!!!!!!!! where did you buy them!!!!!!????????????

  3. DAMN. Those are gorgeous. If it makes you feel any better, I highly doubt J.Simp did much more than nod when someone asked her if she liked the design. :) Now I'm all lusty, toooooo.......

  4. hawt! I could never pull them off, heels hate me but these are hawt!

  5. hey hollie! i bought them on the jessica simpson website, they were on sale...maybe still are?? they're called the Dany Platform. xo

  6. Okay, so at first I saw the box and thought- "Meh, generic heels. That's cool." Then I saw the heels. They are damn cute, sister. The leather and wood are really pretty together. Nicely done on the bargain, too. Show us a pic of you wearing them!


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