GYPSY ROSE collection by Lost Boys & Lovers

Now that the holidays are over, I'm launching (online) my new collection of upcycled, hand-fringed purses by Lost Boys & Lovers.

About the Gypsy Rose purse collection:

I search out and collect the finest vintage leather purses, making sure that the leather is not only genuine, but solid, beautiful, and nice to touch. Then I dig through my pile of reclaimed leather pieces to try and find a perfect match for fringe. I hand-cut all the fringe, and all the leather I use is from vintage or upcycled garments. Using various techniques, I attach the fringe to the purse, and sometimes add other embellishments (feathers, turquoise beads, etc). All parts are always reclaimed and sustainable.


  1. Oh I thought you'd be gone longer! But here you are, with these fabulous purses. They are lovely. I've been working on a few of my own, fringy too but a little more rugged. Great minds.

    I loved my package and will devote a post to it soon, hopefully tomorrow. Thank you thank you. Lots of love and good vibes;)

  2. Thank you melissa!!

    And milla, great minds indeed. i'm sure if we were in the same state, explosions would be seen. so glad you got your box!!! take your sweet time with mine, please. it was such a joy to send it.

  3. fringe is the new black that never gets old. love these soooo much!


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