the empress

Recently, I've started learning about Tarot. I am not sure why it took me so long to do it, but I'm so glad I've started. Though I'm clearly a novice, so much has already come to light in my brief time studying it. I am particularly interested in the 4 elements that are the suits in the Tarot - as I am particularly interested in the elements in a general theme in my life, anyway. I think every person is so influenced by the elements, and we all identify - deep deep down - with certain aspects of these elements. Some people are so strongly related to a certain element that it becomes visible at once! And other people are an intricate fusion of more than one.

I realized today that I now have two items in the shop related to Tarot cards, the Priestess earrings and the Empress headdress. Sheena just modeled the headdress this week, so I have some prettier, softer photos of it:

The Priestess earrings you have all seen before - they are particularly special because of the magical dove feathers given to me by a friend. These feathers are so beautiful and soft to touch, and then when set in the bullet shell I think the represent a certain strength and inner light.


  1. I love the high priestess card! Every time it turns up in a reading of mine I get excited. Also I am totally drooling over your "gypsy rose" purse. Hope you are enjoying the earrings, I'm loving mine!
    xo Kelly

  2. Wow, I love the images and of course, I love the Motherpeace set you sent me so much. "My Card" has always been "The Star", but even before I lost my cards two years ago, I could feel this shifting. A new phase in life. I cannot believe I made it 2 years without a pack. They are such a great tool for introspection.

    In other news: We are going on a road trip to California!!!! The details are still being hammered out, but it's a trip a long time in the making. I would love to see you on it. Big hug and package heading out soon.

  3. Those white feather earrings are FANTASTIC! I think I'm gonna have to try feathers soon!!!! :D


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