Cold days and wise words

First of all, thanks to a few trusty readers & inspiring women for motivating me to try and do more outfit posts. I am slowly getting past the awkwardness of asking various people or loved ones to snap some photos of me before I head out for the day, and it feels good. Here I am just the other day wearing (yep) some leggings and various layers. (On this particular day, I left the house only for a delicious warm latte. It has been SO. COLD). I came home and took these photos, ran to the pile of firewood and stocked my living room, and spent the rest of the day in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea).

Also, I have been feeling very grateful and in awe of all of the women that I've connected with in this particular blogging niche, as well as intrigued by the role the internet now plays in universal connection.  I just read this over at Nicole's blog, and I'd like to repost it since she says it perfectly:

i have already mentioned to a couple folks that i don't know what exactly my reasons were to start blogging, but it has been an interesting and rewarding journey up to this point. the best i can figure--and surely the best thing to come out of it for me--is that this whole blogging thing has created a big international electric sisterhood of thoughtful, creative, generous, and beautiful women who i am happy to know of, be inspired by, and sometimes meet.


Many thanks to all of you who are a part of this, and I look forward to the future evolution of it all.

Oh! I'm wearing:

Leggings from F21
Sheer dolman top - gift from my mama
Black jersey u-neck dress from American Apparel
Vintage boots
Bolo tie from Stone & Smith (another recent gift that I love!)


  1. omg, girl, you are seriously drop dead gorg.
    we have such similar hair. i'm going to bookmark this post so that anytime i get the urge to cut my hair off i'll be reminded that i want to have goddess hair like you. <3 yay for more outfit pics. i have my kid take mine, or i use the self timer and use laundry baskets or books to make a tripod.

  2. This is such awesome inspiration, my dear. And I agree with Bee on alternative tripods. Creativity galore! Big hug and more outfits please.

  3. You are crazy beautiful! Very fond of the bolo tie

  4. You're really very pretty, I'm glad to hear you'll be taking more pictures. I've been trying to get my daughter (who just turned four) to take pictures of me. She's more interested in taking pictures of her dolls :) I have a tripod coming from amazon in the next couple of days (my camera is kinda round and doesn't stand up by itself) so I'll get to put a little more me in my posts.

    I'm so constantly blown away by the amazing, generous, creative women I get to meet around here, including you. I posted on your previous post and it doesn't look like it went through. I wanted to say that your pancakes are lovely, and I was wondering if you were a mama?
    Hope you're staying warm by the fire.


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